Thursday, April 17, 2014

Give the Gift of a Pocket Watch


A relatively new fashion accessory for men is the pocket watch. Now some of you will say that pocket watches aren’t new and yes, they have been around for a long time. While the pocket watch has been around forever they fell out of favorite with the invention of the wristwatch. Since fashion can be cyclical, it seems the pocket watch is coming around again.


Men are actually working on being more fashionable. While we women have had decades or perhaps centuries to play dress up without any taunting or teasing men haven’t spent nearly that kind of time learning to primp. My own hubby has fought me tooth and nail regarding his clothing choices but I’ve worn him down and he has relented. Now he knows that he looks awesome in a tailored suit and it only took 30 years.


With this new found freedom to be fashionable men are turning to accessories. Items such as “power socks”, bowties, vests and of course, the pocket watch are all acceptable fashion items. Pocket watches are an easy yet bold fashion statement for men. It adds an air of elegance while being retro. A pocket watch isn’t a gadget. It is a timepiece with its roots in history. It tells the time while making a fashion statement.


While anyone can fish out their iPhone to tell the time, it looks so much more elegant to pull a pocket watch out of your pocket to check the time. More men are figuring out that sometimes it’s all in the presentation. So give the gift of a pocket watch if you want to help your guy exude a little more class or if you’re interested in being a touch more fashionable, just gift it yourself. Pocket watches are cool and so are the guys who wear them.

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