Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't Disappoint Mom


That’s right; another Mother’s Day is on the horizon. You have approximately thirteen days from today to get something special for Mom. Now in this calculation there are two weekends so that makes about nine days to get that something special to Mom if you’re shipping the gift. Now that families are spread out around the country it is convenient to shop on-line and have the gift shipped directly to Mom. This works great if you plan ahead.


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All on-line flower vendors ship to wherever you want if you give them enough time. Do not wait for the last minute as they will charge phenomenal prices to ship, and yes, they charge a lot to ship the Friday before even if you place your order the Wednesday before the delivery. I’ve done this so I know from experience. Many of us want the flowers delivered as close to Mother’s Day as possible and the vendors know this and charge according. If you don’t have a problem with sending the flowers early you will get a great discount in shipping.


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You can also send chocolates or candy. While I’m never quite sure that this is a gift my Mother enjoys I know for sure it is one my Dad loves. You can go into any major chocolatier and pick out a selection of chocolates that you think Mom will enjoy and they will ship them right to her door. Chocolates can be tricky as they can melt in transit so shipping can cost as much as the chocolate. If I can find something unique or special in the candy realm I usually try and send these, once something becomes common place I usually refrain as Mom is probably already buying at her local store.


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Another easy to send item is gift cards. If you know Mom’s favorite stores or restaurants you can pick up a gift card for her use. If your Mom loves to shop a gift card just might be the thing. I personally spend a lot of time buying Starbucks so a gift card to this place helps to offset the expense of my addiction. I’m a sneaky Mom and tell both kids this is a good gift that way I can spend twice as much on fancy coffee drinks without any guilt. So no matter what you do for Mom remember you only have nine shipping days to get it to her, so you better get cracking.
Happy Mother's Day

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