Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buy Quality You'll Never Regret It

A quality pocket watch isn't that expensive, Jean Pierre of Switzerland G252-PM $391.35

People buy what looks good for the moment and never consider the quality. This can be a big no-no when it comes to spending your money. Now I’m not advocating spending large sums of money on everything you buy, sometimes a big price tag doesn’t always mean great quality. Case in point, I’ve found the store brand of dishwasher detergent works better than the name brand. Hence I buy the cheap stuff and have cleaner dishes.


Love the look of this pocket watch, Charles-Hubert Paris $97.96
When using this theory it is best to apply it to classic pieces of clothing or jewelry and watches that will be used daily or frequently. This has never been truer than when it is applied to a mechanical pocket watch. You would not believe the amount of cheap junk being sold on the internet. Now if you’re looking for a prop pocket watch for a school play or costume, go for it, but if you actually want to tell the time, you best save your money.


You can buy these in bulk from China but they probably won't work
There are people on the internet, who shall remain nameless, who sell mechanical pocket watches with no jewels. It resembles a windup toy. Once the gears of this windup toy wear out the watch stops working and I will tell you now, it isn’t normal to keep shaking the watch to get it ticking again. The nameless company states this in their ads. They say it is not unusual to occasionally tap or shake the watch to get keep it running, I beg to differ. A quality pocket watch will keep time for a 24 hour period on a full wind. You won’t have to keep shaking or tapping your watch to get it ticking again because it shouldn’t stop till it winds down.

Mount Royal Half Hunter B31-P, $129.95 very reasonably priced
I’ve had people who have made the mistake of purchasing these windup toy watches on the internet and then come to me and wonder why it doesn’t work. It’s hard to explain to people that they just wasted their money. I usually give them the talk about buying quality products with a manufacturer’s warranty. Sometimes they learn their lesson, sometimes not, sometimes they just don’t understand. If you are tired of wasting your money on something that falls apart learn the signs of a good quality product, you’ll be happy you took the time. A quality pocket watch will last a lifetime; a windup toy is just a toy.

Go for a quartz if you don't want to wind, Jean Pierre G554-PQ $183.00

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