Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun Things I Found on the Internet

Wear something graphic

Every now and then I cruise the internet and look for fun things. Who am I kidding, I spend most of my time cruising the internet and I just happen to come across fun things. I’ve seen cute jewelry, cute shoes, awesome handbags and tons of cat videos. While this seemingly gigantic waste of time doesn’t increase productivity, it does give me something to write about.


Are you a Doctor Who fan?
Writing a daily blog is probably one of the hardest things I have to do. If I limit my writing to strictly jewelry I would write once a week. By adding fashion and can bump it up to three times a week. By adding random thoughts about stuff on the internet I can ramble on every day. Hence this blog about cool stuff I found on the internet.


Pair this Wonder Woman belt with a red t-shirt, skinny jeans and a navy blazer, make it go mainstream
The internet has tons of cool stuff and todays focus is on nerdy pleasures. While I’ve never been a fan of printed t-shirts I have found cool belts and wallets to display your fandom. A Wonder Woman t-shirt has always felt like a little much so a Wonder Woman belt might be a bit more subtle for those fans who want to keep a low profile. Graphic t-shirts, bags and other accessories are trending right now and it’s easy to pick your favorite.


The black and silver of this Batman Belt is subtle enough to wear with a leather jacket
So whether you’re a Doctor Who fan, Marvel comics or DC, there are plenty of options available. Some of the coolest items are from the Walking Dead. For all those fans who are suffering from withdrawals right now, I feel your pain. So maybe it’s time to wear our hearts on our sleeves, or at the very least our favorite characters around our waist.
Okay the Walking Dead Zombie Killer belt isn't subtle, but it's cool!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't Disappoint Mom


That’s right; another Mother’s Day is on the horizon. You have approximately thirteen days from today to get something special for Mom. Now in this calculation there are two weekends so that makes about nine days to get that something special to Mom if you’re shipping the gift. Now that families are spread out around the country it is convenient to shop on-line and have the gift shipped directly to Mom. This works great if you plan ahead.


Also available in gunmetal black, Q&Q Ladies Dress Watch
All on-line flower vendors ship to wherever you want if you give them enough time. Do not wait for the last minute as they will charge phenomenal prices to ship, and yes, they charge a lot to ship the Friday before even if you place your order the Wednesday before the delivery. I’ve done this so I know from experience. Many of us want the flowers delivered as close to Mother’s Day as possible and the vendors know this and charge according. If you don’t have a problem with sending the flowers early you will get a great discount in shipping.


Q&Q Ladies Dress Watch in gold toned metal with white dial
You can also send chocolates or candy. While I’m never quite sure that this is a gift my Mother enjoys I know for sure it is one my Dad loves. You can go into any major chocolatier and pick out a selection of chocolates that you think Mom will enjoy and they will ship them right to her door. Chocolates can be tricky as they can melt in transit so shipping can cost as much as the chocolate. If I can find something unique or special in the candy realm I usually try and send these, once something becomes common place I usually refrain as Mom is probably already buying at her local store.


Q&Q Ladies Dress Watch gold toned with ivory dial
Another easy to send item is gift cards. If you know Mom’s favorite stores or restaurants you can pick up a gift card for her use. If your Mom loves to shop a gift card just might be the thing. I personally spend a lot of time buying Starbucks so a gift card to this place helps to offset the expense of my addiction. I’m a sneaky Mom and tell both kids this is a good gift that way I can spend twice as much on fancy coffee drinks without any guilt. So no matter what you do for Mom remember you only have nine shipping days to get it to her, so you better get cracking.
Happy Mother's Day

Monday, April 28, 2014

Unselfconscious Dressing

Classic Celine handbag in navy

When I say unselfconscious dressing I’m not saying dress like you don’t care. I’m addressing the concept of dressing with style but not flashy style. For quite some time it has been fashionable to pile on the bling. In order to be fashionable one had to wear items that screamed “money” or at the very least, demonstrated the concept of excessive. Everything had something shiny, something colorful, and something busy and all of these something’s weren’t me.


Classically styled riding boots
For me, the shifting of the fashion winds to a minimalist look is a giant sigh of relief. When your favorite color is black, it’s hard to get excited when the fashion trends shift to allover florals and patterns. I’ve agonized over how to inject a pattern into my wardrobe and I’m still battling with my inner self on how to wear a classic navy striped t-shirt. Yes, I know it’s simple and I’ve even explained it in a blog, but I just can’t seem to get the idea to work on me.


Camel pea coat, always in style
Growing up in Northern California as opposed to Southern California can make a huge difference in our fashion choices. While those in the south prefer suntans and blonde hair, those of us up north rarely see the sunshine and wearing black helps us blend in with the fog. It’s not that we never see the sun we just don’t feel the need to be obvious. Living near Silicon Valley has made the “look” of money something that must fly under the radar. Being tasteful not flashy is luxury.


Basic jeans
So basically unselfconscious dressing is dressing simply and tastefully. A good handbag and a great pair of boots will always trump an entire outfit of trendy and expensive clothing. If you invest in these two staples you can get away with much cheaper jeans and sweaters. While it’s great to invest in basic pieces, sometimes our budgets don’t allow for such investments. By dressing unselfconsciously we can be fashionable while still maintaining a sense of stylish luxury. All hail the new hipster, a simpler quieter stylish fashionista.
These totes are so busy I can't figure out where they would work

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Give the Gift of a Pocket Watch


A relatively new fashion accessory for men is the pocket watch. Now some of you will say that pocket watches aren’t new and yes, they have been around for a long time. While the pocket watch has been around forever they fell out of favorite with the invention of the wristwatch. Since fashion can be cyclical, it seems the pocket watch is coming around again.


Men are actually working on being more fashionable. While we women have had decades or perhaps centuries to play dress up without any taunting or teasing men haven’t spent nearly that kind of time learning to primp. My own hubby has fought me tooth and nail regarding his clothing choices but I’ve worn him down and he has relented. Now he knows that he looks awesome in a tailored suit and it only took 30 years.


With this new found freedom to be fashionable men are turning to accessories. Items such as “power socks”, bowties, vests and of course, the pocket watch are all acceptable fashion items. Pocket watches are an easy yet bold fashion statement for men. It adds an air of elegance while being retro. A pocket watch isn’t a gadget. It is a timepiece with its roots in history. It tells the time while making a fashion statement.


While anyone can fish out their iPhone to tell the time, it looks so much more elegant to pull a pocket watch out of your pocket to check the time. More men are figuring out that sometimes it’s all in the presentation. So give the gift of a pocket watch if you want to help your guy exude a little more class or if you’re interested in being a touch more fashionable, just gift it yourself. Pocket watches are cool and so are the guys who wear them.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Buy Quality You'll Never Regret It

A quality pocket watch isn't that expensive, Jean Pierre of Switzerland G252-PM $391.35

People buy what looks good for the moment and never consider the quality. This can be a big no-no when it comes to spending your money. Now I’m not advocating spending large sums of money on everything you buy, sometimes a big price tag doesn’t always mean great quality. Case in point, I’ve found the store brand of dishwasher detergent works better than the name brand. Hence I buy the cheap stuff and have cleaner dishes.


Love the look of this pocket watch, Charles-Hubert Paris $97.96
When using this theory it is best to apply it to classic pieces of clothing or jewelry and watches that will be used daily or frequently. This has never been truer than when it is applied to a mechanical pocket watch. You would not believe the amount of cheap junk being sold on the internet. Now if you’re looking for a prop pocket watch for a school play or costume, go for it, but if you actually want to tell the time, you best save your money.


You can buy these in bulk from China but they probably won't work
There are people on the internet, who shall remain nameless, who sell mechanical pocket watches with no jewels. It resembles a windup toy. Once the gears of this windup toy wear out the watch stops working and I will tell you now, it isn’t normal to keep shaking the watch to get it ticking again. The nameless company states this in their ads. They say it is not unusual to occasionally tap or shake the watch to get keep it running, I beg to differ. A quality pocket watch will keep time for a 24 hour period on a full wind. You won’t have to keep shaking or tapping your watch to get it ticking again because it shouldn’t stop till it winds down.

Mount Royal Half Hunter B31-P, $129.95 very reasonably priced
I’ve had people who have made the mistake of purchasing these windup toy watches on the internet and then come to me and wonder why it doesn’t work. It’s hard to explain to people that they just wasted their money. I usually give them the talk about buying quality products with a manufacturer’s warranty. Sometimes they learn their lesson, sometimes not, sometimes they just don’t understand. If you are tired of wasting your money on something that falls apart learn the signs of a good quality product, you’ll be happy you took the time. A quality pocket watch will last a lifetime; a windup toy is just a toy.

Go for a quartz if you don't want to wind, Jean Pierre G554-PQ $183.00

Monday, April 14, 2014

Have You Ever Used a Spreadsheet to Plan Your Outfits?

Pinterest is cool, but what do you do if you don't have all these pieces?

I’ve been super remiss in not writing a blog for the past week. One thing led to another and I just couldn’t find anything interesting to write about. Not that today is any different, I just found that I could write about my weird behavior and others might be able to relate. When we’re being weird sometimes our weirdness will make sense to others who have also had the same thoughts. No I haven’t been planning murders, but over the weekend I created a spreadsheet to plan my outfits.


I'm not so weird, I found someone else's spreadsheet on the internet
Now you’re probably thinking that I’m bordering on obsessive compulsive behavior but I found that putting everything on a spreadsheet helped me to understand what is in my closet. I tried writing down outfits on a piece of paper but I got kind of lost. I tried thinking up outfits on Pinterest but I also got lost. It’s not so easy to find the pieces and things got confusing when they are just residing in my head. I have no imagination for using individual pieces.


More cute stuff on Pinterest, still looking for some of these pieces
So I resorted to a spreadsheet because I once saw a chart back in high school that illustrated how some basic pieces could be worn with each other. I did the same thing with jackets on top and listing the remaining basics that would go with each underneath. Example, black linen blazer goes with butter rum slacks and wheat colored silk shell. I then added possible shoes and accessories. It is astounding how many different outfits I can create with just a few pieces.


Good idea but you have to spread the clothes out all over the house
I also changed the jackets around. Take away black linen blazer and add beige leather jacket and then you can go light accessories and viola, a whole different outfit using the same slacks and shirt. I like to play these games with my outfits. It helps me to get the most bang for my buck when I can switch things around with just a few new accessories. It also helps to get the creative juices flowing which have been in short supply this past week. Maybe this spreadsheet was perfect for eliminating my writer’s block. We’ll see.
Another good idea but not sure if I have all these pieces

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wearing Denim

Denim jacket over a black dress, super cute

I will be the first to admit that I would wear denim everywhere. If I could get away with jeans at a fancy restaurant I would. Denim is not only comfortable but fashionable and if worn correctly, it can literally go anywhere. Case in point, the April issue of InStyle magazine has an article called 31 Days of Denim. I highly suggest you pick up an issue and check it out.


Try some florals with denim
Some of their suggestions include wearing denim with beautiful silk shirts and tanks. They show how throwing on a blazer, a pair of pumps and of course jewelry can make any pair of denim jeans say wow. It is always shocking to me how accessories can elevate a simple pair of jeans. Now the jeans featured are well fitting and of course, some are in colors. Do not substitute your favorite raggedy gardening jeans in these outfits.


Love the denim with Chanel
To get the most bang for your buck when wearing denim keep the lines clean and simple. A fresher look is skinny jeans worn with a plain white collared shirt topped with a cropped shirt or sweater. Let the shirt tails hang out and maybe add a necklace, keep it shorter so it hangs just below the collar. Add some heeled pumps and a structured handbag and you’re ready. For those cooler days add a blazer.


Denim looks great with a classic oxford shirt
Another fresh take on denim is the denim vest. This is useful on those cooler days or when the weather is still in flux. A pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sleeveless denim vest and a cool blazer with sleeves rolled up adds layer and warmth but also allows for changes in the weather. Truthfully I’m going to be scanning this article to see how many of these outfits I can make out of my existing wardrobe. It should be fun and take some of the work out of outfit planning.
White jeans, a printed silk tunic and a cropped sweater, so me

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Who has Style?

Obviously a woman used to wearing weird

Fashion is what you buy; style is what you do with it. This is a phrase I saw the other day while cruising the internet. It rang true because we all buy clothing, which is really fashion but when it comes right down to it, how we wear the clothing dictates how stylish we truly become. You can have top of the line fashion clothing, but if you don’t know how to wear it, it won’t be stylish.


She needs a little more practice in those heels
I came to this conclusion while shopping for a dress to wear to my daughter’s wedding. I went all out at one point and said “damn the cost, I need to find a dress.” This mantra doesn’t always work by the way. I tried on some very high fashion looks and frankly, they weren’t me so the style portion fell flat on its face. Everyone has a style whether they want to believe it and how well that inner self is projected outward makes all the difference.

This is pretty much me on any given day
I’m a jeans and blazer kind of gal so if I stray too far off this model I feel as if I don’t look like myself. There are people who wear color super well and this is their style. If you saw them wear lots of black or something neutral they might not look normal and frankly when we wear something that doesn’t fit our personality we feel uncomfortable and out of place. This discomfort usually shows and this is why someone looks out of sorts or not their usually perky self.


This would probably not be me on any given day
In order to truly project style you have to stay true to yourself. Think about what you most feel comfortable wearing. Think about what accessories say something about your personality. Do you love color or do you want to blend in with your surroundings? Do you love an expensive designer handbag or maybe you’re a jewelry collector. Whatever it is it should say something about you because fashion is just clothes, what you do with it becomes your personal style.
While I love the upper half, I would go for jeans