Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Handbag Essentials

My favorite Dooney & Bourke

When you go out and about there is a list of absolute essentials that you have to carry with you. If you’re driving, one of these essentials would be a driver’s license, although having proper ID is always a good idea. Another must have would likely be a cell phone. This item is important in case you break down, need to contact someone or simply want directions to where you are going. Other than the two previously mentioned items, what would you absolutely need to get through your day?


I need my reading glass, something to clean them with and a pen
What do you carry in your purse? This is a favorite question of many interviewers of celebrities. Since we all have a little bit of voyeur in us, many of us eagerly read these articles, but sometimes I wonder if celebrities pick and choose what they say is in their purse or simply restructure the contents to impress. I mean who carries a candle? I swear one celeb said she carries a very expensive scented candle in her tote to help “cleanse” the air in hotel rooms.


I need hand cleaner, contact lens solution and Lactaid pills
While looking through my purse I found some pretty unglamorous items. Some of my essentials are apparently Tylenol, Gas-x and Lactaid pills. I obviously have digestive issues and headaches. I also carry a stub of lipstick and the dregs of some blush without a brush to apply it. There is also an abundance of Kleenex and hand cleaner; I am a Mom after all. Now you see why I have my doubts when a celebrity says they carry a vial of Chanel No. 5, some exotic rice milk facial refresher and an expensive bottle of nail polish, who needs that stuff?


A coupon for PF Changs and a free sandwich from Safeway
Real women carry real essentials in their purse. Things that get us through our everyday lives, without any fuss or muss. We don’t carry Kiehl’s lip balm and a Montblanc pen but we may carry Chapstick and a Papermate. There might be an old grocery list in our purse or even some coupons just in case we actually stop at the Thai place for the lunch special or maybe a coupon for a free cream cheese when we buy a dozen bagels at the local bagel shop. While I may not be a celebrity I think my priorities match my realities, do yours?
Can't forget my sunglasses in their beat-up case and a cell phone

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