Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When is a Sale not a Sale?

We went here yesterday...

It happens all the time; you see a sale sign and immediately think that the prices will be good. You go into the store and begin browsing and come to discover, these prices really aren’t as good as advertised. This is a trick many retailers use to sell items. Mark the item up to gigantic proportions then slash the price dramatically, the retailer still makes a large profit and the customer thinks they’re getting a bargain, win win right?


To look for one of theses...
Not so if you know the actual value or price of the item. Case in point, I went to the local Outlet Mall yesterday to find a suit for my son. My daughter is getting married and she wants her brother to look good so hence the suit shopping. Men’s Wearhouse was offering buy one get one free. Awesome if you need two suits but we only needed one. The problem is, this is the same offer at any Men’s Wearhouse in our area and the suits themselves were not discounted. How is this a sale or discount?


Yet we also needed a pair of these.
We ran into the same problem when trying to find a pair of shoes. Many stores claimed 60%-70% off but sometimes it’s not any better than the email coupons I get to shop on-line at the same store. Cole Haan 70% off is the same whether you buy on-line or at the Outlet Mall. Additionally, some discount stores are actually selling a similar product made especially for an outlet. So while it seems you’re getting a great price in reality it is a lesser product to begin with. There is a reason you can’t find that purse at any other Coach store, it’s only made for the outlet stores and is usually an inferior product.


Beware the Kitchenaid refurbished mixer, they're everywhere
Also beware the refurbished item. Appliance and electronics stores are famous for this maneuver. They offer a great product at a fabulous price but upon further inspection you find that it isn’t new, it is a refurbished item. They claim they’ve gone through it thoroughly and it work like new. Problem is, these items are usually customer returns that didn’t work the first time. The manufacturer just thinks they fixed the problem and are now selling it at a reduced price. Don’t fall for it. So beware the sale, do your homework, you might find that paying attention can really pay off in your bank account.
Another notorious refurbished item, stay away!

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