Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What to Wear for Spring

Mix it up with different types of fabric

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and one thing we are famous for, other than sourdough bread and cable cars, is micro-climates. This generally means if you don’t like the weather, travel an hour in any direction and it will be different. This also means that we have huge swings in weather from day to day. Yesterday it was 80 degrees, this morning I awoke to cloudy skies and cooler temperatures, by 20 degrees. This is our spring.


Add or subtract pieces as needed
The real question is how is a girl supposed to dress for these wild swings in temperatures? I cannot count the number of days I put on a coat and scarf to find I am the only person in the checkout line dressed for a blizzard. While I’m not one to let others dictate what I wear, it is a little odd to find you’re the only person bundled up amongst a sea of shorts and flip-flops. I feel out of place, as if I have a medical condition that requires me wear heavy coats and boots. Yes, people do look at me weird.


Try denim on top for a twist
Truth be told, I feel cold most of the time. I also love to wear jackets and scarves. I think I look better with them as opposed to without them. Generally I dress in layers to combat our dyslexic weather. If you live in a region where the weather is topsy turvy, then wear layers. A cardigan over a collared shirt, a light jacket and perhaps a scarf will keep you warm, look fashionable and be easy to remove one piece at a time should the weather warm up.


Marc Jacobs got it right
Shoes can be tricky as flats are generally worn sans socks and sandals can leave your toes exposed. If the weather appears like it is going to warm up, try flats and sandals with a heavier upper half. Think scarf and jacket over a tank top or camisole. Nothing looks cuter than a sweater, scarf and sandals, and maybe I won’t feel so out of place when the sun decides to shine.

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