Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Cocktail Ring

Bolivian amethyst makes a statement, Gabrielle Bruni

When we think of the cocktail ring we think of a large ostentatious ring that is usually worn on the right hand to a party or other special event. Think Oscars, Grammys or other red carpet events. The cocktail ring, also known as the dinner ring got its start during prohibition and the illegal speakeasy. Women originally wore a large gemstone ring to draw attention to the “cocktail” they held in their hands. They were thumbing their noses at authority.
Chocolate diamonds are fun, Gabrielle Bruni

There are stories in my husband’s family of his grandmother going to speakeasies with her first husband. This was before she was married to him and of course her family didn’t approve. I can image his grandmother having a good time, dressed to the nines and flashing some pretty baubles while sipping bathtub gin. When she passed there were boxes and boxes of costume jewelry, pretty rings and of course, her pearls.


My favorite, citrine and sterling silver, Gabrielle Bruni
Nowadays the cocktail ring has been transformed from a symbol of rebellion to something a little more glamorous. Cocktail rings now make a fashion statement. Women use the cocktail ring to reflect their own personality and individuality. A cocktail ring can be a showstopper that makes the wearer feel special or maybe just to have some fun.


Try a cuff ring, Lois Hill
The cocktail ring was born when a bunch of rebellious women decided that they were still going to go out and party and to hell with the law. It continued to be popular after alcohol became legal again as a display of independence. Today it is a fashion statement with many different styles to choose from both real and imitation. So at your next party don’t forget to show off that ring with a drink in your hand, my grandmother would be proud.

Raise those cocktail rings!

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