Monday, March 3, 2014

The Age Old Question, What to Wear?

Blazer with nude camisole and gold accessories

This week is full of Oscar evening gowns, tuxes and jewelry, so I will try and refrain from talking about clothing we probably will never wear. Let’s talk about everyday clothing and finding your style, or what to wear. Style doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be expensive, the clothes only have to be you. Since you’re the one wearing it, you have be comfortable and it must be something you will actually put on your body.


Look casual with a blazer and flats
Gone are the days when strict clothing rules made clothes age specific. Nowadays people wear what they want. The first rule of what to wear, find out what looks good on your body. If you would never wear skirts, don’t. If patterns make you look dumpy, avoid them. If you put on a long coat and your entire body is swallowed up, stay away. Find those pieces that make you feel good and look good. Not every piece of clothing or every style will look good on every body, there is no such thing as one size fits all.


Try a crisp white shirt and a shiny blazer
Believe it or not, finding out what to wear doesn’t have to be a hassle day after day. It’s perfectly fine to have classic pieces that work for your style, almost like a uniform. If jeans and a blazer are you then go for it. You can literally wear the same outfit everyday with only a few tweaks. In the summer wear those jeans and blazer with a silk camisole and sandals. In the winter pair it with a wool blazer, cashmere sweater, scarf and some cool boots.


A black blazer, just change up your shirt and shoes
I have a favorite style of jeans that look good and feel good, I own four pairs of the exact same pair. I also love a long cardigan sweater; I also admit that I have at least seven different colors of this same sweater. Linen blazers… I have several in a multitude of colors. This may seem monotonous but it’s actually quite practical. I know what I look good in and this makes me feel good. I also don’t have to stress about what to wear, I just choose my color and no one seems to notice, at least I hope they don’t.
A cute coral blazer four different ways

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