Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stash of Gold Coins Found in California

Cans of gold coins

A couple claims that they found a stash of gold coins on their property in California’s Sierra Nevada and this stash will be quite the haul. The gold coins were found while the property owner was taking a walk. There were a total of six cans filled with gold coins and buried in the ground. The coins date from 1847 to 1894 and many are in pristine condition. The coins have already been evaluated by a coin grading service so they’re the real deal.


They looked kind of like this peeking out of the ground
There are of course rumors surrounding these coins. Some are saying that this is a hoard of stolen coins from the San Francisco Mint others are saying that the coins are the result of years of hoarding by a miner. The rarity of finding over 1400 gold coins buried in tin cans under the ground will certainly stir imaginations. Apparently the new owners of these coins have done some research and haven’t come up with any conclusive answers to how they got on their property or where they originally came from.


We found them like this...
The couple wants to remain anonymous in order to protect their privacy and property, so no one knows who they are or where they live. The hoard has been named “The Saddle Ridge Hoard” which I’m hoping doesn’t give any clues away to the property’s location. According to news reports the couple wishes to contribute some of the money from the sale of these coins to the local community. They are also selling these coins on Amazon.com’s Collectible Site and they will probably receive a pretty penny since the hoard has been valued at $10 million.


Some of the treasure already graded
Unfortunately for the couple they haven’t remained completely anonymous. The IRS has already gotten involved and is thinking that they may owe approximately $5 million in taxes. Apparently there are laws concerning the discovery of treasure troves and you are required to pay the taxes regardless of whether or not you have financially profited from the discovery. So while the couple may have grand ideas for the money so does the IRS. Leave it to the government to put a damper of something so exciting, typical.
Oh, what a pretty gold coin

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