Thursday, March 27, 2014

Perforated Leather

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For all of those who refuse to give up wearing leather, even when the weather warms up, try a little bit of perforations. Perforated leather is basically leather that have little holes or laser cut patterns. Car manufacturers have been using perforated leather on car seats for years. The idea is the little holes will allow more air circulation and keep the passenger cooler. The same principle applies for clothing made of perforated leather.


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You’ve probably seen shoes made of perforated leather. Flats with a cut laser cut pattern have been around for a while. The cut-outs on the shoes allow more air flow and help to let your feet “breath.” This allows the wearer to enjoy leather even when the weather is heating up. It also makes the leather appear less solid and enclosed. When you allow a little skin to show it lightens up the overall appearance thereby making it more summery.


Super cute structured perforated leather handbag
Accessories such as shoes and purses have been made of perforated leather for quite some time. Dresses, blouses and even skirts with lining have used the perforation treatment while using a light summery material such as cotton or linen. Now we are seeing perforated leather shirts and dresses, as well as jackets. This gives the leather a light look that is appropriate for warmer weather while allowing the wearer a little breathing room. Nothing says hot and sweltering like a heavy leather jacket.


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Not only does perforated leather allow you to wear your favorite jacket material during warmer days, it adds a little interest with a pattern. Keep in mind that dark colored leather will also look heavy and hot so go with a lighter color. Think white, yellow, light green or blue, a pastel color will look light and airy and feel super cool. A perforated leather jacket looks super cute when paired with white jeans and a light cotton shirt. So if you can’t go without wearing leather, try some perforations, it’s just the trick to transition leather to summer.
Perforated Shirt

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