Friday, March 7, 2014

Intimate Stains Jewelry

Frances Wadsworth-Jones at work

There is an exhibit of jewelry at the Museum of London called “Made in London.” Apparently one of the pieces of jewelry resembled bird droppings. The artist, Frances Wadsworth-Jones believes that a sense of humor is needed to wear these pieces. The one picture I found of the bird droppings brooch seems more abstract than poop looking so people may have a hard time putting two and two together.


The bird dropping brooch
I find Avant Garde jewelry quite fascinating and apparently Ms. Frances Wadsworth-Jones is the ultimate in an artist with a flair for the bizarre. Her bird droppings collection is called “Heaven Sent” and  her collection of bird droppings brooches are an "intimate stain" at least according to her. She also  has another collection called “Thieves” which has an ant brooch. I went to her website and saw some of these really unusual pieces.


Another bird dropping brooch with an inspirational photo
I wish I could have pilfered some additional pictures so I could show how different each bird dropping brooch really is, but alas, I was unsuccessful. It is amazing how she uses crushed gemstones and many small pearls to make a brooch that resemble a piece of bird poop. Her ability to turn precious gems into some so unique is to be commended.


Pieces from the "Thieves" collection
The exhibit is at the Museum of London and has been running from November 21st 2013 till April 27th, 2014 so if you’re going to be in London I would suggest a visit. This exhibit features many fine jewelers who are not only skilled but artistic. The pieces on display feature artist who have pushed the boundaries of jewelry making and added their own unique flair and sense of individuality. Sounds like a lovely exhibit to me.
Bird dropping brooch in silver

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