Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Wear Some Green

Wear coral as a wild card color

As anyone who is from Ireland knows, Americans butcher St. Patrick’s Day. We wear green, drink too much and apparently eat corned beef, which isn’t a traditional Irish dish. These are unfortunately our traditions so the Irish are just going to have to deal with it. While I don’t really celebrate this holiday the wearing of green is a holdover from childhood.


Olive green is subtle and casual
If you happened to go to school on St. Patrick’s Day you better wear green. If you were unfortunate enough to forget you usually ended up bruised and sore from all the pinching. Children can be merciless in this department. As I got older I found that few people were willing to pinch me if I didn’t wear green so I’ve dropped this rather bizarre tradition from my things to do list.


When using bright greens, tone things down with grey
For those who look awesome in green I say go for it, there are plenty of beautiful green clothing and accessories on the market so you can wear green and still look chic. You don’t have to succumb to wearing cheesy green clover glasses or a plastic hat and beads. Green is the color of spring so you can wear shades of green from mint to forest and still look great. Try a mint colored sheath dress with a forest green cardigan for a lovely springtime look.


Browns and blacks also tone down greens
If you want to wear green as an accessory, stick to scarves, belts and the evening clutch. Unless you’re one of those people who are lucky enough to look awesome in green and it really is your go to color, green accessories are hard to match. A green dress or turquoise jacket can be toned down with black or grey accessories which are considered more neutral and have longevity. Think jeans and a green blazer with a grey scarf and purse. So keep it spring like and have some fun, just don’t drink too much green beer.
A bevy of green accessories

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