Monday, March 10, 2014

From Guns to Jewelry

Liberty United makes jewelry out of guns and their parts

Thinking green, recycling and other issues of sustainability are super trendy right now. I know I recycle a lot, but this is mostly because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay extra for a larger garbage can. The small size is included in my property tax bill, but some people are taking recycling to new levels.


A cool ring from Liberty United
Liberty United is making jewelry from guns and their parts. This is not jewelry that is shaped like guns or gun parts but jewelry that has real creative flair. The guns come from community gun buy backs. When the local police department offers to buy back guns there really isn’t anything practical they can do with them other than store them perpetually or melt them down. Enter Liberty United who takes these guns off their hands and creates jewelry.


They also make pendants
The guns are disassembled and melted down. The metal is then recast into bracelets, pendants and earrings. Each finished piece is imprinted with the serial number of the gun from which the metal was taken. So the gun lives on, although only symbolically. They also use bullet casing to make jewelry. The jewelry is very urban, rough and edgy. In a way the style mimics the guns from which the metal is taken.


Super cool and edgy
Peter Thum is the founder of Liberty United and he is on a mission. That mission is to create art and something beautiful from something not so beautiful, illegal guns. You might know Peter Thum from Ethos water fame. He brought clean drinking water to African nations and founded Ethos water which funds clean drinking. He is a real philanthropist and Liberty United is his latest endeavor, bringing awareness of gun violence to the community through the creation of art. Also each purchase helps fund a donation to your community. It’s a win win.
Each piece has the serial number of the gun

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