Wednesday, March 26, 2014


John Mayer is an avid collector of Rolex watches

You may be wondering what the heck I mean when I say Frankenwatch. This is a watch, generally a name brand, which has been refurbished with aftermarket parts. Recently the singer John Mayer filed a lawsuit alleging misrepresentation of several Rolex brand watches that he purchased over several years from jeweler Maron in Thousand Oaks California. He claims that the jeweler sold him watches that had counterfeit parts.


I can see why, Rolex makes beautiful watches
This appears to be a case of “you say toe-may-toe and I say toe-ma-toe.” Rolex believes that any part that is not a genuine Rolex part can render the watch a counterfeit. This is probably because only an authorized repair centers for Rolex should be doing the repairs. It is highly likely these authorized repair centers charge an arm and a leg for a simple repair. This may cause some jewelers to seek out alternatives, including aftermarket parts. It almost appears as if Rolex is trying to corner the market on repairs done to their watches. If only authorized dealers have authorized parts, then Rolex is the only one who can do the repairs. I get it, you're protecting your brand.


Some Rolex watches have been around for a long time
The Chinese are famous for manufacturing counterfeit items so counterfeit watch parts are a natural crossover product. This makes sense when you think about older watches that may not have readily available parts. Springs and gears break and if you have no other alternative you may succumb to the lure of an aftermarket part. While Rolex has the resources within its large company to manufacture parts that may no longer exist, some of us aren’t that lucky. Also let's get real, is one or two aftermarket gears in a watch going to taint it so badly that it is no longer a Rolex, really?


With so many parts, something is bound to break over time
It is kind of silly that Rolex is taking such a hard line stance against a few aftermarket parts in a watch. I can understand their apprehension; after all, they are counterfeited frequently and must defend their brand. A costly endeavor indeed, but to penalize a jeweler or anyone who simply wanted to repair a watch economically isn’t good customer service. I feel it is more important to keep an antique watch running and in use as opposed to authentic. Authenticity is for museums, jewelry and watches are to be worn and enjoyed and if some wear and tear results, fix it and move on, or better yet, Rolex can fix it for free then they are assured all parts are genuine.
It would be a shame if this watch was never used again due to a lack of authorized parts

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