Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five Easy Pieces Revisited

Floral Lace Shell, Ann Taylor LOFT

Every morning women wake up and wonder what to wear. It can be a daunting task and many of us either crumble under the pressure or simply give up. I know this because I’ve had the unfortunate task of late to find a replacement for the perfect dress I already picked out for my daughter’s wedding after the seamstress messed up. I can see where important events or even daily work can make dressing appropriately difficult.


Textured Stripe Open Jacket, Ann Taylor LOFT
This is where five easy pieces come in. Those pieces are a silk shell, cropped jacket, ankle slacks, sheath dress and collared blouse. While you probably can’t get a week’s worth of outfits out of these pieces, they do go together easily and with a minimum of fuss. These pieces are versatile and can be worn with each other to mix and match to make dressing a breeze. Just keep the colors neutral or work within the same color family.


Dense LOFT Bi-Stretch Ankle Pants, Ann Taylor
The slacks can be worn with either the silk shell or the collared shirt. For a casual look wear the silk shell tucked in and the collared shirt over all like a jacket. Add flats and a leather handbag and you’re set. For a more work appropriate look, add the cropped jacket, heels and a structured tote and you’ve got two go to outfits for the week. Remember you can mix things up with a larger wardrobe of both silk shells and collared shirts in different colors and patterns.


Embroidered Clover Shirt, Ann Taylor LOFT
For the sheath dress you can wear it simply with the cropped jacket for a lovely work look or don the collared shirt over the dress. No one will know it’s a dress, just add a belt and it will look like a skirt and belted shirt outfit. This is the easiest way to get two outfits out of the same dress and both will look completely different. Over time you can add pieces like a skirt, cardigan or blazer to get different looks with just a minimum number of pieces. It’s easy.
Floral Lace Dress, Ann Taylor LOFT

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