Friday, March 21, 2014

Dress Up Your Outfit with Jewelry

Wear these and people will notice

I will be the first to admit that I’m pretty plain when it comes to my clothes. While I love patterns and florals I rarely purchase them. I love the sparkle of sequin and beads but I don’t think I own anything with these embellishments. Some women open their closet and their evening wear looks like Liberace dropped off his extras, my evening wear is a high heeled shoe.


I bet no one will notice your dress doesn't have any bling when you're wearing this!
This became a problem while searching for a dress for my daughter’s wedding. My Mom and the Mother of the Groom both purchased outfits that had a bit of bling. I on the other hand tried some bling and found that it just wasn’t me. I couldn’t even bring myself to wear a beaded jacket. This got me to wondering if I was making a huge fashion mistake. Would I look like I didn’t care, was I being too plain, and was my dress too ordinary for a wedding?


Add some bling to your wrist
That was when I realized I can make a statement with jewelry. Jewelry sparkles and shines and wearing the right pieces can turn something ordinary into something special. I decided that my multiple strand pearl necklace would add a bit of pop to my neckline. I also have some beautiful drop diamond earrings. I rarely wear them because they are very dressy, perfect for a wedding. Now is also the time to break out a diamond watch and maybe that diamond tennis bracelet.


I'm wearing my favorite David Yurman watch
I’ve always kept my clothing conservative so bringing in some sparkle with jewelry is perfect. Wearing a beaded jacket generally requires a special occasion but wearing a diamond tennis bracelet can be done on just an evening out for cocktails. Jewelry can dress up any outfit or add just the right amount of sparkle, no beading required. Remember the bigger the piece the bigger the impact. Also the more you wear the more likely it should be a big event. That’s what is nice about jewelry, it’s so versatile.
These earrings would make any outfit pop

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