Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weird Valentine's Day Presents

Trader Joe's wants you to buy Valentine's Day presents from them

Valentine’s Day is coming up and most of those who have to buy presents will say that this is a holiday manufactured by the retail industry. While I think there is a modicum of truth to this, it was actually manufactured by the greeting card industry. That’s right, we retailers have nothing to do with creating a holiday that allows our significant others to capitalize on the love that we share.


...they suggested organic mustard
While there are the usual Valentine’s Day presents, flowers and chocolate, there have been some pretty unusual promotions for presents. I’ve been driving a lot lately so I have to endure radio commercials and the weirdest presented was advertised by Trader Joe’s. They are offering their Organic Whole Grain Brown Mustard as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that moderately special someone.


At least it will go with the mustard
Now I don’t know about you but I really cannot understand why someone would buy mustard as a gift and I feel sorry for the person who may receive it. I’m sure their reaction will be utter confusion. “Yes, thank you for the mustard; it’s just what I needed to make my sandwich sing!” I’m hoping that these ads are meant as a slightly humorist take on the commercialization of Valentine’s Day.


How most guys think...
While I have my own special ideas of what Valentine’s Day is all about, there are apparently others who think differently. I mean those who think mustard is an appropriate gift. To me Valentine’s Day is another excuse to indulge in chocolate, desserts and of course, wine. I like to keep things simple. Together time watching a movie at home, that’s my kind of Valentine’s Day.
My frugal side loves this the most

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