Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Mom Jean

They're making a comeback

Yes, I’m talking about the Mom jean. The style of jeans that have been parodied and reviled, those jeans that were criticized by all when worn by Jessica Simpson, yes those jeans. Apparently they are making a comeback and while some people may think this is a bad resurgence, other will applaud. Why are people happy, probably because they are sick of jeans that need constant pulling up.


The high waisted style is comfortable
First off, let me explain that I own a pair of Mom jeans. They’re super old, distressed and probably past their prime. I love them, and while I find the material soft and comfortable I do have to admit that they aren’t very flattering. They are a size too big but yet I never have to pull them up because the waistband sits quite high. I can’t say the same for my skinny jeans with the low cut waist.


So popular in the 90s that these guys wore them
Contrary to popular belief, Mom jeans can be flattering.  Women who are curvy will benefit as the cinched waist will accentuate their curves and show off that hourglass figure. Those who are on the shorter side will benefit from the elongating effect of the higher waist. Remember, that anything that makes the eye travel up and down over a long expanse gives the impression of long and lean. Extend the visual by wearing chunky wedge sandals and letting the hem fall over the shoes to extend those legs even more.


Even celebrities are wearing them (Jessica should of skipped the belt)
Since this style of jeans is a throwback, remember to keep your accessories simple. Don’t overdo it or it will look like a costume. No wide belts, animal prints or tons of bling. Keep your handbag classic and simple, no big hair (a little too 90s) and wear shoes that will keep the eye moving up and down, maybe some heels. You want to add length so stick to classic light blue jeans with no distressing, whiskering or other gimmicks. Anyone can wear Mom jeans, even if you’re not a Mom.
Remember there is a rear view so opt for a long cardigan if this is a problem area


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  3. nice post lisa... yea, i think mom jeans make a girl looks more hot.. why? cause of the waist line... berita terbaru dan terkini pada hari ini