Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Hoop Earring and the Updo

Why can't I do this Rihanna?

I will admit right now that I’m pretty hopeless about putting my hair up. Welcome to the home of the lopsided bun, the slow sliding bun and the sloppy ponytail. I’ve tried several different methods for keeping my hair up and neat. This was especially important when I was serving an internship for a judge. Nothing says serious like a librarian hairdo.


Classic gold hoop earrings
One of the main reasons for putting my hair up is to showcase fabulous earrings. When your hair is off your face and your ears are visible, those earrings take center stage. Nothing says elegant like beautiful drop earrings and a fancy updo. These are things that I have failed to achieve no matter how hard I try. So I’ve come to a conclusion, I just need bigger earrings.


Emma Stone does it right
If you’re like me and have issues with getting an acceptable updo to show off our earrings, maybe we should just get bigger earrings. Bright sparkly earrings that have substantial size might be hard to miss even if they are hiding in my hair. I’m thinking some diamond hoops, maybe something with a couple of rows.


Maybe I just need some diamonds
So while an updo works best for showcasing earrings, I’m just going to try some larger earrings. Maybe I’ll be able to achieve the half updo. This only requires getting the front portion of my hair off my face and it will still show off my earrings. In the meantime, maybe I should look for some stunning hoop earrings. Nothing makes you feel better about your inadequacies than shopping for jewelry.
Go big or go home

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  1. Your hair looks lovely and it all sounds very enjoyable. I don't like going to have my hair cut at salons at all - a friend who's a hairdresser does it for me at her house.