Monday, February 3, 2014

The Essential Tote

Givenchy Croc-Embossed Tote $1390

According to the Zoe Report written by Rachel Zoe, the essential tote bag is a black croc embossed bag by Givenchy at a cost of $1390. While I just love the look of this bag and I really can’t argue with the practicality of owning a large leather tote I find the price a little hard to swallow. Some of us actually have a budget.


Dooney & Bourke Croc-Embossed Lexington Tote, $198
This got me to thinking that a large tote is an important part of many working women’s wardrobes and there has to be better more affordable options out there. I also started asking what makes a tote essential. If you work outside of your home, spend weekends away or generally spend time away from home and have to bring your life on the road frequently, you need a tote. Remember a roomy interior without dividers can provide more stuffing room but it probably won’t keep your items organized.


Dooney & Bourke Charleston Shopper pebble grain leather $258
When I was in college I purchased a large leather tote bag to carry my books. It was much chicer than a backpack and besides, I was an older student and a backpack just looked weird when I was carrying it. Kind of like a guy holding his wife’s purse. I knew I wanted leather because it would hold up better than cloth and black was a color that didn’t show dirt easily. If you can’t afford leather go with black, it will look better without dirt streaks on the bottom. If possible look for a cloth tote with a leather bottom for extra durability.


Michael Kors Tote
I looked for a tote that was affordable and found an on-line site called that has a lot of totes. I purchased one that was roomy enough for my books yet was large enough to use as a weekender bag if necessary. Outside pockets and their location can also be important. I liked to keep keys and pens handy and there was also a slot for a water bottle. So while a tote maybe an essential bag for those traveling gals, there are many options available at affordable prices, just look around.

Nylon Black Tote, most option start at around $90

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