Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jewelry for Star Trek Fans

I saw this and thought, "Wow, I would so love it!"

I’ve seen a lot of novelty items for various science fiction fans. Everything from toy replicas to t-shirts is available for purchase. You can even buy entire costumes of your favorite characters. Places like Comic-con showcase these types of items and if you leave without buy at least one item then I don’t know why you would attend this type of convention.


Everyone's seen these...
This got me to thinking about jewelry that shows your fandom. We’ve all seen the various comic book character cuff links. You can get anything from Batman to Superman on a cuff link and character watches are common place, but what about jewelry? While many pieces are still kitschy, there are some people making some cute stuff.


or maybe these...
There are simple cuff links and pendants all the way to rings and earrings. Some are quite subtle other are a bit more daring. I did a little research on finding items for those Star Trek fans and of course there is tons of stuff out there. You can purchase just about anything and not all of it screams “Hey, I’m a huge Star Trek fan!”

 ...lets not forget this

One of the most interesting items was a wristwatch by Vianney Halter, it was quite a marvel with its domed crystal and visible inner workings. This is a high end luxury watch and you have to really be a fan to shell out the money. You also have to be a fairly wealthy fan too since it runs around 187,000 Swiss Francs. Oh well, I guess my personal fandom doesn’t stretch that far.

For the ultimate fan, Vianney Halter Deep Space 9 Tourbillon Watch


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