Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Disappointed in David Yurman

The Limited Edition Renaissance Bracelet in Gray $350

If you follow my blog you probably already know that I’m a huge fan of David Yurman. His classic cable designs are legendary. I have several pieces and wear them with pride. His craftsmanship is always superior, the quality of the materials outstanding and overall a David Yurman piece can be passed down to another generation. Always a sign of quality jewelry.


Renaissance Bracelet in Sterling Silver $850
Needless to say I was very disappointed when I received an email announcing their limited edition renaissance bracelets. Made with the classic cable pattern these bracelets come in a variety of colors and are made of anodized aluminum. Anodized aluminum? What could David Yurman be thinking? While interesting in design my immediate thought upon seeing the ad was these look cheap, and that was before I knew they were made of anodized aluminum.


I have these, Color Classic Earrings $575
Now I must admit that I haven’t actually seen these bracelets in person. I’ve only received an email and then gone to the website to look. The pictures are typical professional shots and show the bracelets to their advantage. While the pictures are great I still wonder what anodized aluminum will feel like, will it be light, will the color fade, are they too trendy?


I also have these, Mobile Earrings in Gold  $975
The cost for these bracelets is extremely inexpensive for a David Yurman piece, just $350 and can be shipped free. Unfortunately I’m not willing to chance my $350 to see if these bracelets are the same quality as my other pieces. Although you might be able to fool someone into thinking the gray version is actually the $850 sterling silver renaissance bracelet, who’s going to be looking that closely? Any way you slice it, I’m a little disappointed in these new limited edition renaissance bracelets.
Would love to have these, Renaissance Earring $575

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