Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Wear Gym Clothes Outside of the Gym

While super cute, it looks like a sweatfest. Nike fleece poncho.

For those of you who actually workout, you probably run across the age old problem of how to get from your house to the gym and back without looking like a slob. Clothes that generally work for the gym don’t always look so good especially after a workout and how many of us have had to run just one or two errands before heading home to hit the showers. Workout clothes don’t always translate to real life.


I dare you to workout in this dress. Athleta drape dress and cropped jacket
That was why I was excited about a Yahoo article that was supposed to show us how workout wear can be worn out and about or even out for drinks. Well, I guess people are still working on this problem, or at least should be working on it. While the workout wear was attractive, some of it wasn’t particularly practical. Unless you’re just walking the dog, a long poncho with a high collar becomes a safety hazard and a sauna suit all in one.


Lululemon got it right, save the sweater and beanie for after your workout.
My favorite was the leather like jacket and short skirted dress. While it was super cute who can work out in that and if you did you would probably be giving quite the show as that skirt slid up over your underwear. Working out if done right does require comfortable clothes that stay put. Legging and a t-shirt that doesn’t grip is still the best. Having a cute jacket to slip on after the workout on your way home is still the best solution.


This might work, Adidas striped tee
Another great idea is to bring suitable clothing for the outside world with you. This either means a shower at the gym or simply changing before you leave. My solution is bringing something to throw over the workout wear that gives enough coverage. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of easy fixes for the workout wear to public clothing dilemma. I guess I will just have to keep looking. Although Yahoo did provide some cute looks that we all can steal.
Maybe just bring some stuff for after the workout, Lululemon carry me Om tote

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