Monday, February 24, 2014

Can You Sue to Wear Whatever You Want?

SEIU is willing to protest in the street of San Francisco

Believe it or not a group of employees at the Superior Court in San Francisco under the guidance of SEIU local 1021 say that their employer is over stepping the bounds when they tell them what they should wear to work. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t your employer always been able to dictate what you wear as a representative of their business?


They're protesting because they have to dress like this...
Many food services companies dictate what is acceptable work garb and places where heavy machinery can grab clothing require employees to follow dress codes for safety and sanitary reasons. Many corporate businesses like to project a sense of professionalism in order to instill confidence. Also courts around the country require dress codes of those who come to their hallowed halls to stand before a judge, so why should court employees get away with not following the rules?


instead of this
Apparently, many employees of the Hall of Justice and the Civic Center Courthouse in SF are being written up for not wearing the appropriate professional attire. Instead they are opting for hoodies, t-shirts and sneakers over coats, collared shirts and ties. Part of the problem may stem from the court not being vigilant in writing up employees who violate the dress code. Some are complaining that they’ve been wearing casual attire like flip-flops for over a year and no one said anything.


It shouldn't be, show some respect to our President by wearing the appropriate garb
While it maybe true that the court hasn’t been prompt in stating the obvious, all employees are made aware of the dress code the minute they apply for the job. I have personally gone through every round of interviews and testing for a Clerk I job (unfortunately I didn’t get it) and I know there is a dress code. Claiming ignorance really doesn’t work, beside how else will the court know the difference between the employees and those charged with a crime if they wear the same clothes? I’m always amazed when people refuse to dress appropriately.
Inmates no longer wear strips

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