Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Want to Upgrade Your Wardrobe, Have it Tailored

Men think nothing of having their suits tailored, women should think the same way

There is one thing that will take an ordinary off the rack piece of clothing and turn it into something spectacular, tailoring. Tailoring is the single most important step in making your clothes look expensive. Ill-fitting clothing doesn’t look good and therefore looks cheap or at the very least, odd. Wearing clothes that fit is super important. Also wearing clothes that are too big or too small may indicate to others we don’t care how we look or at the very least we didn’t take the time to try something on.


If it doesn't fit you're doing yourself a disservice
Sometimes we try on a piece of clothing and it fits perfectly. The sleeves hit just right, the waist isn’t too big and the length works perfectly with our shoes. Other times we aren’t so lucky. Every one of us has tried on something and lamented “if only” the sleeves were slightly longer, or it was tighter or looser in the bust. Off the rack clothes are designed to fit an average size and let’s face it, which on of us is average?


If you can wear that blazer four different ways, get it tailored
While tailoring every piece of clothing is not really feasible due to the cost. Do not spend more for a coat’s tailoring then you spent for the coat. It is wise to go the extra step for classic pieces that are expected to last for years. Suits or blazers have longevity and if you’ve spent a good chunk of your clothing budget on a classic navy blazer, it’s a good idea to have those sleeves shortened so they hit an inch below your wrist instead of walking around with sleeves that rest somewhere near your knuckles.


Please don't walk on your jeans...
Pants should fit your hips, no bunching at the pockets and have them hemmed to work with your shoes. If you want to wear two different shoes, buy two different pants lengths for a finished look. Dresses can sometimes be the easiest in that simply nipping in the waist or tightening the bust area will make it look custom made. Beware, some fabrics can bunch up if nipped too far so talk to your tailor before you begin. For a finished look that is ultra-flattering, have those key pieces tailored, you’ll be glad you did.
Or try and make heels work, very unflattering

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