Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Cuff Ring

Cuff Style Ring Sterling Silver

While stackable rings have been all the rage, they can be traced to the cuff ring and back again. Different designers have been featuring cuff style rings in their collections for years. A cuff style ring is basically a wide band that can feature gemstones, filigree or other decorative elements. It’s a wider than average ring which gives more territory for design.


Lois Hill Swirled Cuff Ring
The idea is actually simple. The cuff ring is modeled after the cuff bracelet. It’s a wide band of material either precious metal or alternative metals such as stainless steel. The wide shape gives the ring more impact on your hand and truly makes a statement. David Yurman has designed cuff style rings for years and has a huge selection. Some are delicate others are bold.

Cuff rings are modeled after the cuff bracelet, David Yurman cuff bracelet

Generally speaking a cuff style ring adds impact to your hands, you just have to remember a couple of things when purchasing. How does it fit? Cuff style rings fit differently than a standard ring. You will probably have to go up a size. Trying on the ring is best but never order a wide banded ring without at least trying a ring sizer specially made for wide banded rings. This style of ring does fit differently so beware. A cuff ring also looks best on the middle or index fingers which are naturally larger than your ring finger. Size appropriately.
David Yurman Cuff Ring with Black Diamonds

Second, how long are your fingers? A cuff ring takes up a lot of real estate on your finger. If you have short fingers an extremely wide band may look odd. Look for a cuff ring that is slightly thinner or look for elements in the design that run vertically, this will lengthen your finger. When trying on cuff rings always bend your fingers. Nothing is worse than not being able to bend your fingers because the ring interferes with movement. Cuff rings are cool so give them a try, you’ll love this look.

Esty.com has some cute handcrafted cuff rings

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