Monday, January 27, 2014

The Best Thing about the Grammy Awards are the Clothes

Beyoncé looking awesome

I watched the Grammy Awards on TV last night like tons of other people. What I take away from this show isn’t a whole lot. I didn’t particularly enjoy the mash up of performers and there seemed to be many performers who deserved recognition but got none. Gone are the days of music as art, now it is severely commercialized. If you don’t believe me then look just watch some TV and you’ll find the latest pop song advertising cars or an Xbox.


Taylor Swift looking elegant
I do have to admit that just about everyone had something interesting to wear. There were the usual suspects, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Queen Latifah. All of whom looked great, but then again they always look great. There are some performers who were daring in their costumes and others, who were predictable, e.g. Smokey Robinson in a blue tux jacket.


Queen Latifah looks stunning
The Grammy Awards are not like the Oscars or the Tony Awards in that you expect those in the music industry to be a little more avant garde. While many fulfilled this prophecy it was interesting to see so many of the ladies dressed appropriately, almost conservatively. Although I noticed that jewelry was also more conservative.


Cindy Lauper is still her crazy self
A few of the ladies could have used slightly larger pieces or maybe a little more sparkle. Overall it was a typical awards show. It all seemed to be people in the industry patting each other on the back and gushing about how wonderful another artist’s music has become and of course thanking their Moms, Dads and managers. If it wasn’t for the clothes I might not even watch so please step it up next year.
Daft Punk in some super sharp tuxes

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