Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Slightly "Jane Jetson" but has a nice jacket

Not sure if I’ve gone over this one before, but I’m going to be the mother of the bride. Now I never thought that I would have a hard time picking a dress. I’m a pro shopper, I love to shop, and I know where all the good deals are hiding on-line. I thought this would be a proverbial piece of wedding cake. Boy was I wrong.


I like the slight flair at the hips for ease of movement
I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks looking at various sites that have mother of the bride dresses. While some are quite simple, others are cringe worthy.  I’m really not into an abundance of lace and fabric flowers. After all, shouldn’t the focus be on the bride instead of that inappropriately dresses woman sitting in the first row?


Maybe a little too old looking
When it comes to style I have to consider myself a plain Jane. I’m not really into lace overlay, or other bits of fluff. I kind of like a smooth silhouette and frankly by this stage in my life I know what I should be wearing to make myself look the best. Out of all the dress styles in the world, I look best in a sheath. My daughter may argue that it is too plain, but I beg to differ.


A shorter bolero style jacket made of lace
I think a sheath dress is one of the best dresses designed by man (or woman). While simple in design, it flatters most figures by not clinging, adding bulk and allows the wearer secure undergarment choices. I prefer to dress things up with accessories. Now is the time to break out the diamonds. Maybe I can find a stunning and sparkly choker or bib to add to the neckline. Anyways, I’ve added a few pictures of my choices. Still haven’t narrowed it down but hey, I’ve got two whole months!
Overlapping fabric on rear adds curves where I need them

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