Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's in the Details

Wear accessories, don't let them wear you

You can have the cutest clothes, the most expensive clothes or even something super unique and it may not look its best because you left out the details. Details, or what I like to call accessories can make or break an outfit. Too much and it looks ridiculous, too little and it looks unfinished. I read somewhere once that you get it perfect (in your eyes) then take off one thing. You don’t always need to wear earrings, necklace and bracelet. Focus on an area when accessorizing.


Try not to look like a cartoon character
I think I have a better idea. First really look at your outfit. Access what you’re wearing and why. Do you need to be subtle or are you looking to make a statement? Is this a party, and if so do you need to be conservative or can you go all out? Determine first the flavor or complexion of the event or occasion before you begin accessorizing. Appropriate accessories can make a huge difference. A rhinestone evening bag is perfect for the red carpet, not so perfect for a job interview.


Leather pants are tricky, be subtle
Second, determine your color palette. While some people make do and wear brown and black together, wouldn’t it be better to have accessories that are in the same color family? I’ve seen many wonderful outfits that didn’t click simply because someone wore the wrong color. When wearing a scarf, try and add a pop of color that compliments. While some people can pull of a Kelly green sweater with a neon orange handbag, it really works for few so keep it simple.


Too much and you look like a dominatrix, sorry Kim
Lastly, think about your personality. Will you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing? If you’re more Betsy Johnson as opposed to “First Lady” in personal style then go for it. Most of us are somewhere in between so wearing a pink tutu with converse sneakers really isn’t our thing. Also, we may not feel like ourselves when wearing pearls and a pill box hat. The accessories have to match your personality. Accessories work best when they convey something about us.
The perfect office bag, not so much for a party

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