Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Wear a Varsity Jacket

We saw them on the runway

The latest fashion find is the varsity jacket. That’s right; it isn’t just cheerleaders and football players donning these jackets. Ordinary people are now wearing them as a fashion statement. I have to admit that I find the style intriguing. It’s kind of casual in that a varsity jacket isn’t dressy but it pairs really well with items that are kind of formal.


They come in a variety of colors, stay away from actual sports teams
One of the cute looks that I saw with a varsity jacket was leather pants, black stilettos, a chambray shirt and a varsity jacket worn casually over the shoulders. There were of course, a few bangles and a watch on one wrist and some really cute dangle earrings. Also don’t forget the awesome designer handbag, oversized if you please.


Super cute with jeans
This outfit just made a lot of sense to me. I guess you could say it was my style. One thing I did notice is proportion. While borrowing a varsity jacket from a guy was how we wore it in high school, it just doesn’t work for real life. Find a jacket that fits your body. Not too big and you can even go with a cropped style to keep it more feminine.


Looks cool with a denim shirt and leather pants
I love the look of flannel or denim shirts. It just adds an air of casual. Go for tailored slacks or leather pants. You want serious on the bottom and casual on top. If you have to wear jeans (who wouldn’t?) go for a serious shirt, white silk is one of my favorites. It’s just the right juxtaposition of fancy and casual cool. Have a little fun and go with this latest trend, it’s comfortable and fashionable.
Love a white silk shirt with jeans and heels

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