Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Wear Metal Chain Jewlery

A herringbone pattern in a sterling silver chain adds interest to any outfit

Now before anyone gets all weird on me, I want to say up front that there is no specific way to wear metal chains. It is more a matter of personal taste, personality and maybe even a little risk taking. Today’s fashion allows for chains to be used as accessories, as decorations on jackets, handbags and even accents on footwear. That said, you only need to remember one important point. Delicate equals sweet, thick and heavy equals bold.


Gold chain accents on black leather, classic!
In regards to necklaces and bracelets, wearing a chain can add a little finishing touch to an outfit. Either white gold or yellow gold can add some interest. Sterling silver can add interest at an affordable price. When wearing a chain remember that thin delicate chains add sweetness while a bold and thick chain makes a statement. If you’re wearing a silk skirt that floats with a pink cashmere sweater, go for sweet. You want balance with your outfit.


Sexy boot with chain accent, so cool
Chains are added to handbags, footwear and jackets as accents and decorations. It can turn an ordinary black leather item into something interesting and even iconic, think Chanel. Gilded links bring shine and a heavy metal feel to basic black leather. Go for stilettos with metal chain accents to toughen up a pair of jeans or a little black dress.


You can't go wrong with Chanel
Anyway you wear chains it can add a little interest and some fun to an ordinary outfit. You don’t have to stop at the basic necklace or bracelet. Go for some shiny links on your ears or maybe a chain link belt. You can wear shoes, handbags and jackets with chain link accents for a little bit of pop. Just remember that there is something called chain overload. You don’t want to look like a prop from a biker movie, so keep it simple and you’ll look awesome.
An evening bag made of metal mesh rocks!

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