Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Downton Abbey Jewelry Collection

Filigree brooch with crystals and simulated pearl

Awhile back I wrote a blog about Bed Bath & Beyond selling jewelry. While I thought it’s a great store for buying household goods, it just didn’t seem to mesh well with jewelry. Apparently BB&B is now selling costume jewelry styled along the lines of the popular BBC show, Downton Abbey.


Blue crystal and silver toned stretch bracelet
Now I’m not sure that the decision to sell jewelry at BB&B was a good idea because I discovered they were selling Downton Abbey jewelry with an email proclaiming 20% off.  Unless something is either on clearance or super overpriced, a 20% off coupon can be considered a steep discount for a product. This isn’t to say that they still won’t make money; they can still have a small profit margin.


Gold toned crystal earrings
I’ve taken a look at the jewelry and it does have a very Edwardian feel. If you’re looking for inexpensive costume jewelry that mimics this era BB&B has hit this nail on the head. The pieces are made of a non-tarnishing metal and have crystals in place of real gemstones. Most of the pieces are silver toned but a few are gold toned. Platinum was a popular metal during this period so silver toned would be more accurate. The filigree patterns are good matches for the period.


Gold toned and crystal necklace
I like how each piece has its own description and someone wrote a little blurb about how the piece fits in with the Downton Abbey plot line. It’s a nice little bit of marketing and hopefully someone goes through the trouble of reading the full description. It’s rare to see good writing when describing an item on the internet. Overall I would have to say the jewelry fits the era. Not sure of the quality as I’ve not seen the pieces in person. Still, it’s a lovely example of how to do licensed merchandising well.
Crystal leaf patterned silver toned brooch

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