Friday, January 24, 2014

Do Your Shoes Make You Look Older?

All these women have their age and sensible shoes in common

I am happy to say that recently when I meet people for the first time they are either the kindest people on the planet or completely delusional in that they think I am much younger than my actual age. First off, God Bless You All! This got me to thinking, what about a person makes them either look older or younger? Is it something we wear or how we act? This can be a perplexing problem.


You don't have to go nuts!
While this is not scientific at all, I came up with some things that we do that make us seem older. The number one issue that can make a person look older than their actual age is skin. What does your skin look like; do you have wrinkles, discoloration or other indications that you’ve been wearing this skin for a long time? I was taught at a very young age to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen. I was also told never go to bed with makeup on. So each day starts out with a dose of sunscreen and each night ends with my skin cleansing routine. Maybe this has helped.


Please stay away from these
Secondly, what do your shoes look like? As I get older my feet give me more problems and standing for long periods can be problematic but I refuse to wear only sensible shoes. My shoes still have to be “cute.” While shopping with an older family member they insisted on purchasing a pair of hideous shoes that were super comfortable. This is when I knew that shoes can make you look older. While comfort is important, not looking like you retired years ago is also important. Look for shoes with a heel and side stability. Yes there are shoes on the market that are comfortable and cute.


Pumps are stable and a small platform adds height without sacrificing comfort
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So rule of thumb, always take care of your skin and if you want to take ten years off yourself, never wear shoes that are super comfortable and look awful. This means no Crocs, ever! I want everyone to do a little experiment. Go to the mall or some place where people congregate and guess the ages of women. Looking at their skin and shoes which ones look older? I bet it is the ones who are wearing sensible shoes. The only thing sensible shoes will get you is a senior citizen discount at Denny's. Not the look I'm going for.
Booties with a stacked heel are stable and comfortable
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