Friday, January 17, 2014

Bowties are Cool!

Patterns and colors are popular

You see them popping up everywhere, bowties. You see them in the H&R Block logo during a TV commercial. You see them on well dressed men advertising the latest fashions. You see them on guys depicted as a geek. Bowties are making a comeback and are being seen more often. Typically I see them being worn with a vest and collared shirt with sleeves rolled up.


Maybe we can thank Doctor Who for this look
It’s funny how Matt Smith a la’ Doctor Who made the statement that bowties are cool and wore one during his tenure. I’m not sure if the wardrobe person knew that this trend was coming or if they started something. Either way young men are taking to wearing bowties but they aren’t sticking with neutral colors.


Looking sharp
Eye catching colors and patterns seem to be all the rage. I would best describe this style as a bit steampunk or vintage. It is still pretty casual, no full on button down vest and matching suit. You want to keep it a little quirky. A bowtie looks best with a vest, but skip the suit. Go for some jeans, and if you must wear a jacket it should complement the vest but not match it. The look is slightly eclectic, not formal.


Too formal and matchy matchy
Hats are great when worn with a bowtie, but once again keep it casual. A classic fedora or a newsboy cap, but stay away from baseball caps. I don’t care how much you paid for it. I also recommend staying away from a stovepipe hat. I actually saw a guy wearing one last night when I went to Starbucks. He was sporting a suit with a vest, bowtie and the tall hat. Maybe he was performing in a play and stopped by for a quick coffee, otherwise I really have no explanation.
Doctor Who makes a lot of things cool, Buckle-Down Belt

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