Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Are Products Manufactured in China Inferior?

What is fake?

Just about every label you read today proclaims that the item you just purchased was made in China. It is not uncommon or unusual to see many of our manufactured goods coming from this region. Apple has many of its products manufactured in China and if an item isn’t assembled in China quite often the parts are manufactured then shipped to the US or Europe for assembly.


Is this a fake?
This begs the question, are products manufactured in China actually inferior or is this the new norm? I saw a segment on TV about how counterfeit handbags are getting better and better. The investigative reporter was in New York and went searching for counterfeit Chanel bags. She found one and the price was very cheap but unfortunately so was the bag. It didn’t resemble a high quality Chanel bag except in the most remote way.


This one is real, from Chanel.com
When the reporter requested a better bag the seller went off and found an almost perfect knock-off. This bag was much more expensive, $600 versus $50, but it looked exactly like a Chanel bag, all the way down to the hardware. Turns out Chanel is manufacturing in China and these handbag were made for Chanel in China by enterprising workers that made a few extras at the end of the day to supplement their income.


AMC The Walking Dead licensed products by Buckle Down are made in the USA, an exception to the rule of "Made in China"
This basically means that you’re receiving an almost exact copy of a real Chanel bag. Turns out you can buy an "extra" made on the assembly line or even a “second” that was refused after inspection and it really is Chanel. So how can someone say that an item is cheap if all of them are manufactured in China? Just about everything comes out of China these days including designer good at outrageous prices. So maybe manufactured in China isn’t cheap or inferior, just how things are made these days.
Licensed products by Buckle Down are made in the USA, AMC The Walking Dead

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