Thursday, January 2, 2014

All I Want for Christmas


Yes I know that Christmas is over and in fact New Year’s is just a distant memory. For those who had a fabulous holiday season and got everything that they wanted, well good for you, but there are those who probably didn’t get that pony or diamond ring. Sometimes we hope for something that really isn’t in the realm of possibility, other times it just doesn’t happen.


This herringbone necklace has a wonderful pattern
Since I spent Christmas at Stanford hospital I really wasn’t thinking about Christmas presents and other holiday fare. Now that everything is done I have the time for a belated Christmas and I’m actually working on getting some shopping done. I have to say this is the best time to shop. The crowds are thinner, everything is on sale and I don’t have to worry about shipping times because the system isn’t overloaded.


What girl wouldn't want this chocolate diamond bracelet?
While my hubby is super sick he is still thinking about me and gave me carte blanch to buy whatever I wanted for Christmas. I’m not sure if this is actually him speaking or just the drugs. Now I’m pretty sure if I came home with a Fendi or Channel bag he would pitch a fit when the bill came in, but truthfully I’m just not in the mood for shopping for myself.


New boots would be cute, Splendid Leon at
This is a horrible situation to be in, a shopaholic who has been given free rein to shop but doesn’t want to do it. So now I’m wondering how long I can drag out this “buy myself a Christmas present” scenario. Can I wait until February or maybe March? Should I wait until my birthday and then buy myself a cruise? The possibilities are endless. So if anyone has any suggestions I’m open to hear them.
Maybe I'll wait till summer at take an Alaskan cruise

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