Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why Own a Pair of Nude Pumps?

Nine West Drusilla, $58.99

If you are purchasing your first pair of “grown-up” shoes make it a pump. It is a classic, been around forever and if you don’t buy anything too high, too low or too outrageous you can wear it anywhere. I’m serious; the basic black pump is the shoe you must own for business, parties or just going out. Your wardrobe is not complete without a basic black pump. So why do you need a nude colored pump if you already own a basic black?


Nine West Drusilla with a slightly pinker tone
While a basic black pump says business and can go out for a night on the town, it doesn’t always work with everything you own in your closet. A nude pump has the ability of going with every dress you own. You want to find a nude pump that matches the color of your skin. The closer the match the more versatile this shoe will be. You want a nude pump to be truly nude so it looks as if you’re not wearing shoes.


Pretty scalloped edge, Nine West Eriee $50.99
The nude pump will create a clean line all the way down your leg. Not only does this elongate your leg and make you look taller and slimmer, it doesn’t distract from your outfit. I’ve found that a nude pump is my go to shoe when I’m traveling and I have a limited shoe inventory. Are you wearing cropped jeans and a leather jacket? Go for a nude pump. A purple dress works with a nude pump. Ivory suits also look awesome with a nude pump.


Add a little height with a platform, Madden Girl Getta $58.99
The beauty of a nude pump is its versatility. Whatever you are wearing on top blend well with a nude pump, even your evening bag, basically your bag doesn’t have match your shoes. There is nothing like a nude pump. It makes your legs look long and lean and goes with so many different colors in your wardrobe. It is truly a must have shoe for the fashionable woman.
Love this look

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mother of the Bride Dresses

Slightly "Jane Jetson" but has a nice jacket

Not sure if I’ve gone over this one before, but I’m going to be the mother of the bride. Now I never thought that I would have a hard time picking a dress. I’m a pro shopper, I love to shop, and I know where all the good deals are hiding on-line. I thought this would be a proverbial piece of wedding cake. Boy was I wrong.


I like the slight flair at the hips for ease of movement
I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks looking at various sites that have mother of the bride dresses. While some are quite simple, others are cringe worthy.  I’m really not into an abundance of lace and fabric flowers. After all, shouldn’t the focus be on the bride instead of that inappropriately dresses woman sitting in the first row?


Maybe a little too old looking
When it comes to style I have to consider myself a plain Jane. I’m not really into lace overlay, or other bits of fluff. I kind of like a smooth silhouette and frankly by this stage in my life I know what I should be wearing to make myself look the best. Out of all the dress styles in the world, I look best in a sheath. My daughter may argue that it is too plain, but I beg to differ.


A shorter bolero style jacket made of lace
I think a sheath dress is one of the best dresses designed by man (or woman). While simple in design, it flatters most figures by not clinging, adding bulk and allows the wearer secure undergarment choices. I prefer to dress things up with accessories. Now is the time to break out the diamonds. Maybe I can find a stunning and sparkly choker or bib to add to the neckline. Anyways, I’ve added a few pictures of my choices. Still haven’t narrowed it down but hey, I’ve got two whole months!
Overlapping fabric on rear adds curves where I need them

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to Wear a Varsity Jacket

We saw them on the runway

The latest fashion find is the varsity jacket. That’s right; it isn’t just cheerleaders and football players donning these jackets. Ordinary people are now wearing them as a fashion statement. I have to admit that I find the style intriguing. It’s kind of casual in that a varsity jacket isn’t dressy but it pairs really well with items that are kind of formal.


They come in a variety of colors, stay away from actual sports teams
One of the cute looks that I saw with a varsity jacket was leather pants, black stilettos, a chambray shirt and a varsity jacket worn casually over the shoulders. There were of course, a few bangles and a watch on one wrist and some really cute dangle earrings. Also don’t forget the awesome designer handbag, oversized if you please.


Super cute with jeans
This outfit just made a lot of sense to me. I guess you could say it was my style. One thing I did notice is proportion. While borrowing a varsity jacket from a guy was how we wore it in high school, it just doesn’t work for real life. Find a jacket that fits your body. Not too big and you can even go with a cropped style to keep it more feminine.


Looks cool with a denim shirt and leather pants
I love the look of flannel or denim shirts. It just adds an air of casual. Go for tailored slacks or leather pants. You want serious on the bottom and casual on top. If you have to wear jeans (who wouldn’t?) go for a serious shirt, white silk is one of my favorites. It’s just the right juxtaposition of fancy and casual cool. Have a little fun and go with this latest trend, it’s comfortable and fashionable.
Love a white silk shirt with jeans and heels

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Best Thing about the Grammy Awards are the Clothes

Beyoncé looking awesome

I watched the Grammy Awards on TV last night like tons of other people. What I take away from this show isn’t a whole lot. I didn’t particularly enjoy the mash up of performers and there seemed to be many performers who deserved recognition but got none. Gone are the days of music as art, now it is severely commercialized. If you don’t believe me then look just watch some TV and you’ll find the latest pop song advertising cars or an Xbox.


Taylor Swift looking elegant
I do have to admit that just about everyone had something interesting to wear. There were the usual suspects, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Queen Latifah. All of whom looked great, but then again they always look great. There are some performers who were daring in their costumes and others, who were predictable, e.g. Smokey Robinson in a blue tux jacket.


Queen Latifah looks stunning
The Grammy Awards are not like the Oscars or the Tony Awards in that you expect those in the music industry to be a little more avant garde. While many fulfilled this prophecy it was interesting to see so many of the ladies dressed appropriately, almost conservatively. Although I noticed that jewelry was also more conservative.


Cindy Lauper is still her crazy self
A few of the ladies could have used slightly larger pieces or maybe a little more sparkle. Overall it was a typical awards show. It all seemed to be people in the industry patting each other on the back and gushing about how wonderful another artist’s music has become and of course thanking their Moms, Dads and managers. If it wasn’t for the clothes I might not even watch so please step it up next year.
Daft Punk in some super sharp tuxes

Friday, January 24, 2014

Do Your Shoes Make You Look Older?

All these women have their age and sensible shoes in common

I am happy to say that recently when I meet people for the first time they are either the kindest people on the planet or completely delusional in that they think I am much younger than my actual age. First off, God Bless You All! This got me to thinking, what about a person makes them either look older or younger? Is it something we wear or how we act? This can be a perplexing problem.


You don't have to go nuts!
While this is not scientific at all, I came up with some things that we do that make us seem older. The number one issue that can make a person look older than their actual age is skin. What does your skin look like; do you have wrinkles, discoloration or other indications that you’ve been wearing this skin for a long time? I was taught at a very young age to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen. I was also told never go to bed with makeup on. So each day starts out with a dose of sunscreen and each night ends with my skin cleansing routine. Maybe this has helped.


Please stay away from these
Secondly, what do your shoes look like? As I get older my feet give me more problems and standing for long periods can be problematic but I refuse to wear only sensible shoes. My shoes still have to be “cute.” While shopping with an older family member they insisted on purchasing a pair of hideous shoes that were super comfortable. This is when I knew that shoes can make you look older. While comfort is important, not looking like you retired years ago is also important. Look for shoes with a heel and side stability. Yes there are shoes on the market that are comfortable and cute.


Pumps are stable and a small platform adds height without sacrificing comfort
Madden Girl, $49.95 at
So rule of thumb, always take care of your skin and if you want to take ten years off yourself, never wear shoes that are super comfortable and look awful. This means no Crocs, ever! I want everyone to do a little experiment. Go to the mall or some place where people congregate and guess the ages of women. Looking at their skin and shoes which ones look older? I bet it is the ones who are wearing sensible shoes. The only thing sensible shoes will get you is a senior citizen discount at Denny's. Not the look I'm going for.
Booties with a stacked heel are stable and comfortable
Sbicca Drama, $99 at

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wear a Bejeweled Evening Bag


Nothing says party like a little sparkle. While the New Year’s parties maybe over, the ability to go out and have a good time never ends. One of the easiest ways to dress up any outfit for a night out on the town is to switch over to an evening bag. By adding something with a little sparkle you can really up your game.


Add a little sparkle
Depending on where you’re going and what you’ve been doing earlier in the day, your change over to something more glamorous could be as simple as putting on some heels and a swipe of red lipstick. Other times you might be going through the entire transformative makeover. This usually applies to big events or any night out that required an RSVP or a reservation.


Gold brightens any outfit, gold evening bag
Using an evening bag always makes me feel a little special. It makes simple occasion something bigger, because let’s face it, you’re carrying a lot less. This requires a little thought. Do you put the essentials into the evening bag and then leave your everyday purse in the trunk? Do you just wing it and take your ID, a credit card and your phone? I think this all depends on how far from home you are and how long you will be away.


If I’m just going out to dinner close to home and want to dress up it’s easy to take the bare essentials. If I’m going to be gone longer or farther away I like to leave my remaining items in my purse in the trunk of my car. The thing to remember is you’re using an evening bag because you want people to notice how sleek and polished you look with a small clutch. Wear an evening bag people will remember, and don’t forget to make it shine.
Classic ivory looks awesome with large jewels

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's in the Details

Wear accessories, don't let them wear you

You can have the cutest clothes, the most expensive clothes or even something super unique and it may not look its best because you left out the details. Details, or what I like to call accessories can make or break an outfit. Too much and it looks ridiculous, too little and it looks unfinished. I read somewhere once that you get it perfect (in your eyes) then take off one thing. You don’t always need to wear earrings, necklace and bracelet. Focus on an area when accessorizing.


Try not to look like a cartoon character
I think I have a better idea. First really look at your outfit. Access what you’re wearing and why. Do you need to be subtle or are you looking to make a statement? Is this a party, and if so do you need to be conservative or can you go all out? Determine first the flavor or complexion of the event or occasion before you begin accessorizing. Appropriate accessories can make a huge difference. A rhinestone evening bag is perfect for the red carpet, not so perfect for a job interview.


Leather pants are tricky, be subtle
Second, determine your color palette. While some people make do and wear brown and black together, wouldn’t it be better to have accessories that are in the same color family? I’ve seen many wonderful outfits that didn’t click simply because someone wore the wrong color. When wearing a scarf, try and add a pop of color that compliments. While some people can pull of a Kelly green sweater with a neon orange handbag, it really works for few so keep it simple.


Too much and you look like a dominatrix, sorry Kim
Lastly, think about your personality. Will you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing? If you’re more Betsy Johnson as opposed to “First Lady” in personal style then go for it. Most of us are somewhere in between so wearing a pink tutu with converse sneakers really isn’t our thing. Also, we may not feel like ourselves when wearing pearls and a pill box hat. The accessories have to match your personality. Accessories work best when they convey something about us.
The perfect office bag, not so much for a party

Monday, January 20, 2014

How to get this Outfit for Less

Love this outfit, The Zoe Report, Sundance street style

Every morning I get The Zoe Report in my inbox. It’s a great little blog on fashion from none other than Rachel Zoe. She gives tips on what’s hot, what’s not and everything fashion forward. Last week the report touted the coolness of a warm little layered outfit that would be perfect for Sundance or anywhere else it’s cold. This outfit had just the right amount of casual/cool to appeal to me.


Tailored camel coat, Chadwick's of Boston 89.95
I loved the business like tailored long wool coat. The easy casual feel of skinny jeans and a pullover sweater were right up my style alley and it was finished off with a pair of rad motorcycle styled short black boots with buckle details. The accessories of a cute grey beanie and some cool shades to keep the winter glare out of your eyes gave just the right flare. Unfortunately I didn’t like the price.


New York & Company Waverly Sweater, $12, comes in grey
While Rachel Zoe probably has a budget that far exceeds mine, I still want this look without breaking the bank and I think I found it. The featured items were a Joseph Camel Coat for $895, a J. Crew Ribbed Sweater at $218, MIH High Rise Skinny Jeans at $256, and Balenciaga Buckle Strap Ankle Boots for $1275. I don’t know about you but that comes to approximately $2644 and that doesn’t include the $10 beanie from H&M or sunglasses.


New York & Company Curve Creator Skinny Jean, $45
My budget friendly alternatives include a long wool coat from Chadwick’s of Boston at $89.95, New York & Company Waverly V-neck Sweater at $12 and their Curve Creator Skinny Jeans $45 which all make great substitutes. I also found some cute faux leather black buckle boots at Cathy Jeans for $44. I think I’ll stick with the $10 beanie at H&M and wear my Ray-Ban Wayfarers I bought a few years ago. My picks come to $190.95, way more doable.
Black matte finish faux leather boots, Cathy Jeans $44, also comes in brown

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bowties are Cool!

Patterns and colors are popular

You see them popping up everywhere, bowties. You see them in the H&R Block logo during a TV commercial. You see them on well dressed men advertising the latest fashions. You see them on guys depicted as a geek. Bowties are making a comeback and are being seen more often. Typically I see them being worn with a vest and collared shirt with sleeves rolled up.


Maybe we can thank Doctor Who for this look
It’s funny how Matt Smith a la’ Doctor Who made the statement that bowties are cool and wore one during his tenure. I’m not sure if the wardrobe person knew that this trend was coming or if they started something. Either way young men are taking to wearing bowties but they aren’t sticking with neutral colors.


Looking sharp
Eye catching colors and patterns seem to be all the rage. I would best describe this style as a bit steampunk or vintage. It is still pretty casual, no full on button down vest and matching suit. You want to keep it a little quirky. A bowtie looks best with a vest, but skip the suit. Go for some jeans, and if you must wear a jacket it should complement the vest but not match it. The look is slightly eclectic, not formal.


Too formal and matchy matchy
Hats are great when worn with a bowtie, but once again keep it casual. A classic fedora or a newsboy cap, but stay away from baseball caps. I don’t care how much you paid for it. I also recommend staying away from a stovepipe hat. I actually saw a guy wearing one last night when I went to Starbucks. He was sporting a suit with a vest, bowtie and the tall hat. Maybe he was performing in a play and stopped by for a quick coffee, otherwise I really have no explanation.
Doctor Who makes a lot of things cool, Buckle-Down Belt

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Who Made the First Wristwatch?

First wristwatch by Patek Philippe

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the first wristwatch was made by Patek Philippe for a Countess Koscowicz of Hungary in 1868. There have been claims to fame on this particular endeavor with some saying the first wristwatch can be traced back to 1570. The people at Guinness believe the first “modern” wristwatch with real evidence of its construction can be traced back to Patek Philippe, as their design was specifically worn on the wrist.


Prior to the wristwatch, pocket watches were all the rage
The people at Guinness also state that the first mass manufactured wristwatches were made for the German military by Girard-Perregaux, a Swiss watch making company back in 1880. Apparently it was difficult to check the time on a pocket watch while trying to operate heavy machinery and other weapons of mass destruction. Yes I can see the practicality in looking down at your wrist to check the timing of your next bomb release on the enemy.


The Cartier Santos wristwatch
While the wristwatch dates back to 1868, men did resist wearing them as many men thought a pocket watch was more masculine. Louis Cartier may have turned the tide with his Santos wristwatch. Back in 1904 he made a wristwatch for friend and Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. I’m sure they didn’t have fuel gauges back then and you probably had to monitor the time you spent in the air. Santos had trouble keeping his hands on the controls while checking his pocket watch. Cartier was a boon to aviation and probably didn’t know it.


Quartz watches are now affordable and accurate
Today the modern wristwatch is not only ubiquitous but inexpensive and far more accurate than Cartier, Patek Philippe or any other watch maker would believe. Quartz movement and the introduction of alternative materials have made watches not only practical but affordable to the masses. Everyone has at least one wristwatch and if not, you keep track of time on your cellphone. Another item those back in the 1800s could only dream about.
Alternative materials make designs creative, Swatch Relogio