Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wearing Uncomfortable Shoes

Many shoe repair shops have gone the way of the dinosaur, but they can fix those problem shoes

We’ve all done it, seen that pair of beautiful shoes in the store, they call to us, they make us buy them. Then when we get home we find that they aren’t all that they claimed to be, they pinch, they’re tight or they just give us blisters. I have more than one pair of shoes in my closet that are great to look at but impossible to wear. I take them out, try them on, maybe wear them for an hour or two and then back in the box.


A shoe stretcher from Foot Petal
There has got to be another way. Most of us spend way too much for shoes, especially those for special occasions to let them sit in a box. There are ways around getting some use out of those shoes. First off, you have to really figure out to what degree these shoes are uncomfortable. Do they start to pinch right away or does it begin after a couple of hours of walking? If you can wear them for a while before it become unbearable you can simply bring a pair of back up shoes to switch to so you don’t end up miserable. Hopefully they will become more comfortable with time, leather shoes work best.


Add some padding to make shoes more comfortable
If the shoes pinches from the get go you might have to do something different. If the shoes are leather you can stretch them a little. Shoe forms, stretchers and other devices are out there to put a little pressure on the shoe and make it a little bigger. Some shoe repair places have mechanical stretchers and they can do this in a few hours instead of with a home device that can take days or weeks. Shoes that leave blisters are another problem. To avoid blisters never plan to wear a new shoe for an entire day. Wear them for a few hours to see how your feet react. Shoes cause blisters because they rub on the unprotected spots on our feet. To keep from getting blister keep something between your feet and the shoe. Socks if possible, half socks or nylons offer some protection against rubbing. They also add padding.


Half socks keep shoes from rubbing and causing blisters
If your feet feel sore at the end of the day then you need to add some additional padding. Inserts, pads for the ball of your feet or even heel pads add some additional cushioning. There are many commercial brands available to help guard your feet against inadequate padding. The balls of your feet are the most common area for discomfort when wearing heels. Add a little padding in this area and your shoe will wear more comfortably. So a little bit of common sense and some precautions will not only make those new shoes comfortable but the pair you go to everyday.
My favorite, Anne Klein knee socks, great with tall boots

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