Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful, or Coats, Coats and More Coats

Classic Pea Coat come in tons of colors

For those of you who live on the east coast, 28 degrees is probably somewhere around normal this time of year. For a California girl this is downright frightful. I woke up to 28 degree weather this morning and I have to honestly ask, where is my fur coat? If I could get away with wearing it around the house, or better yet, the walk down the driveway for the paper, I would wear it. My neighbors might think I’m a little off but at least I’ll be warm. Besides, it will cover up my pajamas a little bit better. Admit it; you walk down your driveway early in the morning to get the paper in your pajamas. Fashion isn’t the answer when it’s 28 degrees outside and you need your paper.


A down puffer coat adds warmth, look for one with a cinched waist or belt to add shape
It is sometimes hard to remain relatively fashionable when the weather gets too cold. Not that I’m some kind of a fashion icon, I just want to look normal. When it gets cold it’s easy to forget fashion for the sake of warmth. You know what I’m talking about; these are the same people who wear pajamas to every occasion short of a wedding or a funeral. While I want to be warm, I do have my limits. So when the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to break out the coats that are delightful.


Long wool coats are classic, just make sure it fits your frame
While short cropped jackets are super cute, when the temperature drops below freezing you need something a little longer. I generally look for coats that cover my bum. I don’t want any body parts that are hanging out to freeze. One of my favorite designs is the classic Pea Coat. You can generally find them everywhere and in a multitude of colors. It’s a classic style that can be worn casually with just about everything. If you’re looking for something casual yet warm, try a puffer coat. They’re making a comeback and prices are reasonable. This coat can be tricky, so try it on first, the placement of the channels can create width that can be unflattering, try one with a belt so you can cinch in the waist and create shape.

 3/4 length coats are super versatile

A long wool coat adds style and warmth. The length makes it perfect to wear with dresses or slacks as it adds more coverage. They look super cute with dresses, tights and tall boots. Length is important so look for a petite if you are on the small size. A long coat can overwhelm your frame. A ¾ length coat is a good bet if you have limited funds and you’re buying only one coat this season. It works equally well with dresses as it does with slacks and it goes from casual to work to a night out with ease. If you want to look super classy go for one of these coats in winter white, stylish and elegant. So while the weather is cold, I’m going to stay warm with an awesome coat this winter.
While this may look odd, I bet they're warm!

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