Friday, December 6, 2013

The Sound of Music Live

Stephen Moyer and Carrie Underwood

I admit it; I watched the NBC production of The Sound of Music last night. Does this officially make me a theater geek? There is a lot of buzz on the internet that Carrie Underwood was not a good choice for Maria Von Trapp. Since Julie Andrews played the original Maria it is really hard to follow in those footsteps and expecting anyone to live up to those standards would make this a play that would never be seen again.


Carrie Underwood as Maria
I thought Carrie Underwood did a good job as Maria. While her acting wasn’t super great, it was still very good because let’s face it, it’s a musical and everybody sings their lines. It was done live and you have to give everyone credit for singing and dancing around live. If you’ve ever gone to a play or a show things happen and there are no retakes or editing. I seriously doubt Julie Andrews stood at the top of a mountain, spun around and sung her lungs out in one take.


Carrie Underwood and Laura Benanti
Some surprises, Christian Borle as Max. He did a great job and while I’ve seen him before it has been in roles where he didn’t sing. Surprising that he has such a great voice. Also another surprise, Michael Campyno as Rolf, while he did a great job in acting and singing he just didn’t look the part, a little too old for the “I’m 16 going on 17” song. He also looked odd in those lederhosen. Costuming could have done a better job on some of the costumes.


Christian Borle and Michael Campyno
Case in point, Carrie Underwood looked totally frumpy once she married the Captain but looked a little more fashionable while she was the plain frumpy governess. Apparently the clothes she made for herself were better than the store bought suits she wore once she was married. I also thought the party scene could have used a little more bling. While the ball gowns were beautiful I think a stage production could have used some sequins to bring some sparkle to the performance. Overall I would have to say I enjoyed it. So there’s my critic of the day.
Let's all sing and then quietly slip out the back...

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