Monday, December 30, 2013

Outfits for Traveling

And you don't even get to ride the Matterhorn at the end of this line

This is the most heavily traveled time of the year. I personally would rather have a root canal than spend time on a plane. I’ve been known to drive nine hours in order to avoid a two hour flight. It’s not because I’m afraid of flying or anything so mundane, I just hate being cooped up in a plane with people I don’t know who insist on stealing the arm rest and coughing up a lung during the entire flight. You know that the air is recirculated right?


Boyfriend jeans are great, note the big tote
One of the things that make me feel better is planning my travel outfit. You need something comfortable, easy to remove and carry. Do not wear belts or scarves as this just makes you a target for inspection. Explaining that the belt is actually attached to the dress doesn’t help especially when you’re explaining it to a male TSA agent. Guys just don’t get fashion.


Even Elle MacPherson does this look
My advice, wear pants and slip on shoes. If you’re traveling to an area where it’s cold, wear boots that are easy to take off and put on, no lace up shoes. Jeans are always a good bet, don’t wear ones that are too tight, now is the time to experience boyfriend jeans. You need to be able to bend over comfortably because you may have to put those shoes on while standing up. Most airports have too few seats at the end of the inspection section.


Boots are a good choice
Wear a comfortable sweater but make sure it isn’t too baggy. Believe it or not, they actually look at your body and if you look like your smuggling something on the plane they will pull you aside. I wear a jacket that’s easy off, has lots of pockets, this way I can stuff my pocket, dump the jacket in a bin and move on. For those traveling home, good luck, for those traveling to far off warmer destination, have fun. Remember, travel light and comfortable and your trip will always be awesome.
Chelsea boots with sturdy heels make walking easy

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