Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now that Christmas is over...

So maybe you didn't get one of these...

Now that Christmas is over let the returns and real shopping begin. The leftovers are wrapped and snug in the refrigerator and the beautiful wrapping paper is just a sorry mess tumbled together in the recycling bin. All the surprises are gone, we now know what that weirdly shaped box under the tree held. We either got everything we wanted or at least everything that we needed. So why are retailers advertising great sales?


or even one of these
Many people give cash or gift card for Christmas. It’s an easy way to satisfy a picky shopper or at least be able to make sure that you gave a gift that will be used. Teenagers are particularly hard to shop for so giving a gift card at their favorite store makes you a hero. When I was younger I got many a sweater that didn’t fit because an elderly relative hadn’t seen me in years and I grew. Not so much a problem with gift cards.

You might be doing this...
Retailer know that all those gift cards that were purchased are now going to be redeemed and they also know that there are a lot of ill-fitting sweaters out there. So what do they do? They have a sale. If they can get you to spend a little of your own money on top of the gift card or credit from the return then they win. By making items more affordable they can get you to shop and buy more.


because you didn't get any of these
So while Black Friday was a huge shopping day the shopping malls are going to be packed today and into this weekend. The real shoppers armed with cash, gift cards and credit returns are going to be flocking to the stores to buy things at really good prices. If you think merchandise was cheap after Thanksgiving, just wait. While there might be less of a selection real bargain hunters know that after Christmas sales are when pricing goes down because retailer want to move the last of their remaining winter stock. So happy bargain hunting!

Maybe you wanted a Zombie Gnome for the garden but didn't get one. You can still go shopping.

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