Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

It's New Year's Eve, line up the cocktails...

It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is coming tonight. Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve and now is the time to make those resolutions. Most people make resolutions that involve eating better, being a better person, finishing school or the ever popular, losing weight. I on the other hand do not make promises I cannot keep so I only promise to find new fun things to do and enjoy.

This is where we spent Christmas day, Stanford Cancer Center
The past few years have not been kind to my hubby and me. We’ve both experienced health issues. I was diagnosed with SLE a couple of years ago and while the massive amount of medication I take daily keeps me status quote, I still feel bad once in a while. My poor hubby on the other hand was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer earlier in the year and is now going through a bone marrow transplant. Needless to say 2014 has to be a better year than this past one.


My hubby was hooked up to this monster...and we didn't get any figgy pudding
This is why I don’t feel a need for the mundane resolutions of losing weight or eating more fruit. I want to have some fun and maybe experience things more often. Things I will do the coming year. Buy jeans that fit, find a black handbag and maybe go to a party. I want to drink champagne, eat crazy appetizers and indulge in bread pudding with rum sauce. I’m going to go to the movies, plan a trip, and go to a museum. Basically I resolve to have some fun.


I didn't get to go to a museum on Christmas but at least Stanford had awesome artwork
Life is hectic and unpredictable so why make resolutions you can’t keep? Buying myself a pair of jeans is something I can actually get done. I also plan on reading a lot and not fussing about the condition of my house. While I lamented my lack of flowers this past summer, I’m not going to get crazy about the leaves in the pool. Sometimes the only resolution you need to make is to live life and if that means dirty dishes in the sink, so be it. So that’s why my resolutions are something that might actually get done in the coming year.
I'd rather be shopping for these...

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