Monday, December 9, 2013

Kate Middleton Wears $35 Necklace

$35.90 from Zara

You know you’re a world famous fashion icon if you can wear a $35 costume jewelry necklace to a movie premium and then it sells out within hours of your appearance. Kate Middleton wore a $35.90 necklace from Zara and the next thing you know you can’t find it anywhere. Apparently everyone wants to look like Kate and the store is selling out of items she’s worn to various events. This isn’t the first time a dress or accessory worn by Kate Middleton has run out of the stores once it makes a public appearance with her.


$42 by ASOS
This is probably a retailer’s dream. You buy 100 units of an inexpensive costume jewelry piece and the next thing you know, they’re all gone. What would make this scenario even better would be the ability to reorder. So you sold 100 of these babies but you have 500 more on the way and several preorders already on the books. Like I said, a retailer’s dream.


Kate's TopShop Polka Dot Dress
This isn’t the reality of retailing unless you sell something that Kate Middleton wore. Anything she wears becomes an instant success and apparently Kate Middleton loves off the rack on occasion. When she wore a $42 dress from ASOS they sold out. When she wore a $55 dress from TopShop, all gone, apparently a lot of women want to look like Kate. Now it’s not all off the rack, Kate was photographed wearing the Lotus Flower Tiara to Buckingham Palace the other day so she wears some pretty expensive baubles once in awhile.


Another $55 find from TopShop
It must be nice to have a mother in law who has such a beautiful jewelry collection. It gets even better if she lets you borrow pieces for royal occasions, now that’s a closet I would love to dig through. While Kate is still very young, in my eyes, she is turning many heads and has a style that is quite wonderful, she is ladylike but fashionable, young but not too overblown or crazy. She is the perfect princess, no wonder everyone wants to wear what she wears.
Kate looking very royal in the Lotus Tiara

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