Monday, December 2, 2013

It's Cyber Monday, Go Shopping!

After spending the past few days at home, I’ve had some downtime to view various videos on the chaos that ensued on Black Friday. There are various reports whereby stores that opened early did well and other stories where they didn’t make any additional sales. The one thing I learned from going to college, there are statistics out there to support any view. Since all the numbers aren’t in yet, it’s hard to say if Black Friday did well, but it’s over and we can move on to Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is the much safer and way saner method of shopping. The name came about after ecommerce sites notices a dramatic uptick in sales the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. Some have attributed it to all those workers who had a four day weekend returning to work and their high speed internet connections, they all went shopping on their lunch breaks. Now that we probably all have high speed internet, even on our smartphones, we can shop at our leisure without fear of bodily harm or losing our jobs.

I personally shop on-line for just about everything. There are those rare occasions when I purchase something from a store but usually I don’t make “in person” purchases unless its food or printer ink. (I had a bad experience with printer ink purchasing on-line.) After watching videos of Black Friday I can say it is much safer. It can also be a money saver as many on-line retailers are aware of this shopping trend and have great sales or coupons on Cyber Monday.

Many shoppers are internet savvy and shopping on-line isn’t the fearful environment it once was in the past. Sites like eBay rate their sellers and buyers give feedback so you can review the seller before you buy. Amazon has buyer guarantees that allow the buyer a measure of security when purchasing. On-line security for credit card usage has also improved so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your card and going on a shopping spree. All in all I would have to say that shopping on-line is superior to shopping in stores. I know that I won’t get trampled by my computer while looking for a great deal on-line.

My personal favorite, Zombie Gnome (Who wouldn't want this little guy in their garden?)

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