Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Give a Little Bling for Christmas

This Q&Q ladies watch has crystals

The holidays are that time to give a little something to those we love. Sometimes we know exactly what to give someone, other times we don’t have a clue. My motto when it comes to gifts, give them a little something that they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves. Everyone buys that gift or item that they really want but it’s the little things that we don’t think of that might be well enjoyed and make a perfect gift.


Fur trimmed gloves keep our hands warm
When it comes to women we like things that sparkle, smell good and keep us warm. This opens a lot of avenues for gift giving. There are plenty of gifts that sparkle. Watches, bracelets, earrings and any type of jewelry that has crystals or facets will sparkle and shine. It doesn’t always have to be diamonds. You can find many items that will make her happy as long as you add a little shine. A pretty pair of dangle earrings makes a great gift that she can wear to parties, so does a crystal bracelet.


A sparkly gold metal clutch makes a great gift
Unless the woman who is receiving the gift is allergic, a favor perfume or scent can make a great gift. Some perfumes can be expensive so giving a bottle as a gift can be a special treat. Just make sure you know which is their favor scent when it comes to perfumes. If you’re not sure about which perfume to buy candles make a great gift. We don’t always buy candles for ourselves and some can get pricey. A sweet smelling candle can be lit and fill a room with fragrance.


From BranchDesignGiftware makes candles in repurposed tea cups, how cute!
Lastly, women are generally feeling colder than average most of the winter. I know my hands get very cold. Gloves are an easy gift and if you can splurge think leather or maybe fur lined or trimmed. Purchasing a pair of gloves or maybe a scarf will keep someone warm through the winter, and it has been cold lately. So when thinking of what to get that special someone, think about tan item that they may like but are reluctant to purchase for themselves. The best gifts are those that might be a little pricey for the everyday budget.
One of my daughter's favorites, Poppy from Coach

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