Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas is Around the Corner

Maybe a pair of Frye Carmen X Stitch Short Boots

For those of you have already gotten their Christmas shopping done, my hats off to you, you are a superior shopper or at least organized. I on the other hand am not afraid to admit I’ve done nothing. Things have been hectic, going back and forth to the doctors, keeping track of medications, meals and of course business. I think I have a good excuse for not shopping for anything more than gift cards.


Loft has cute cable knit sweaters
This is course does not keep me from thinking about what I would love to find under the tree. Since I can’t have my first wish of good health or my second wish of winning the Mega Millions Lottery, I’m going to go for more mundane items. I of course wish for anything in fashion. This counts things like new jeans, a new handbag, some cute boots or maybe a sweater.

Michael Kors Golden Runway Touch of Glitz Watch
I recently splurged for a pair of Lucky Brand jeans. I do have to say that they fit very well and seem to be holding up well. I miss that about many clothing items today, quality. While very pricey, they do seem well made and I am still testing longevity before I buy another pair. A new handbag is always a plus. I usually buy them on special occasions and this Christmas is certainly special enough to consider this expense.

Dooney & Bourke Cavallino Saddle Bag is a classic
Boots are another one of my big downfalls. It also doesn’t help that keeps sending me updates on the latest styles available from Frye. These boots aren’t cheap but I know that they last. I have been wearing the same pair for going on two years and they still look great. If boots, jeans or handbags don’t work I can always fall back on sweaters.  A girl can’t have too many sweaters and a cable knit fisherman’s sweater has been on my wish list all year. Now I just have to go shopping.

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