Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adventures in Shipping

A Christmas tradition, standing in line at the post office

I ship quite a few packages each year and I’m pretty consistent throughout the year. This means I’m not a seasonal shipper like many people standing in line at the post office. What is shocking to me is the number of people who don’t have a clue on how to send a letter, let alone a package. People come to the post office with items in hand and ask the clerks how they should send this gift. They don’t even have boxes! You would think that they would know that they would have to have a box.


Be prepared for long lines, bring a snack...
This time of year is pretty insane when it comes to the postal service. My words of advice, be prepared for anything and expect long lines caused by the shipping uninformed. I understand with the advent of email and computers that fewer and fewer people are sending letters by snail mail. Some interesting facts about the postal service, yes they charge for letters. True story, a young woman somewhere in her twenties came into the post office, stood in line and then was aghast when she was told she would have to pay for a postage stamp. She thought it was free because it was a government agency.


This is their busiest time of the year
Another weird story, packages that take little side trips, as an example, I’m in Northern California and was sending a package to Southern California. After a couple of days the customer inquired about their package as they noticed the tracking number showed the package was in Baltimore Maryland. Now I don’t know about you but I think going through Baltimore on a trip from San Francisco to Long Beach is the long way around.


Just like the airport Thanksgiving Day weekend
Today an older gentleman very calmly asked the postal clerk how to mail a package. He wanted to know where to get a box, how to address it, what the postage would cost (without telling him how much it would weigh) and other various questions that are probably best answered by actually going through the motions of buying a box, packing the item and then bring it down to the post office. One word of advice, this is the busiest time of year for the post office, please plan ahead, be prepared and don’t ask stupid questions, it will make everything go much more smoothly.
Hard to open packages mean there's something good inside

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