Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wearing Boots with a Skirt

Some how this looks a little dowdy to me

I love the look of boots with a skirt and it was quite popular when I was in high school. The problem is, I haven’t looked good in this combination since high school. I can’t quite put my finger on it but somehow I just don’t look right when I wear this outfit. I’ve tried it with tights and a shorter skirt, longer skirts that come to mid-calf, nothing seems to work.


This is tricky because you could end up with a big rear
There is something about the proportions that keep me from getting it right. Now I know that if you wear a longer skirt that has a bit of a flair, you want to keep the upper portion of your body close fitting. Loose fitting on the bottom, tighter on top and don’t forget to have a little heel. It seems that the rule of thumb on heels is, the shorter the skirt the lower the heel and the longer the skirt the higher the heel.


Love this look, lean and sleek
The above rule kind of makes sense in that a super short skirt will look a little off when worn with a super high heel, kind of hookerish. Also, a longer skirt, say mid-calf may look dowdy when paired with a flat boot. The real trick is getting the right heel with the right skirt. I kind of like denim and I’ve seen a couple of skirts that look good with a boot.


Celebrities wearing the look
The best skirt appears to be a pencil type skirt. One that doesn’t have too much of a flair, is form fitting and not too long. A slit adds a little interest and helps to show some leg so you don’t end up looking dowdy. A tailored shirt or form fitting sweater looks great but if you wear a looser sweater don’t forget to add a belt. You want to define your figure. I love boots with a heel as it adds height and makes you look long and lean. Isn’t this what we all want to achieve in the end?
Matching tights work great for ankle booties

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  1. Cool, I also read that the shorter the skirt the higher the heel should be to flatter the leg and by converse the longer the skirt the flatter the shoe.